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Technical Support Services

Troubleshooting response within 24 hours

Yamato provides periodical technical service and troubleshooting service for all products within 24 hours through the use of nationwide service offices with quality and speedy service. The company also offers preventative maintenance for existing products and peripheral devices. In addition we emphasize technical sales such as providing the latest technical information, in-house exhibitions and demonstrations services as Advice-theme Sales activity.
After Sales Service/One More Service

Preventative Maintenance

* Instruments inspection and proofreading service (Validation Service)

As well as troubleshooting and periodic inspections, we offer device validation and calibration maintenance according to Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations and ISO 9000 series. We submit SOP as well as various official certificates regardless of instruments and models. In addition to the inspection and maintenance of the equipment such as fume hood, clean bench, safety cabinet and clean room, we offer various inspections and proofreading established by law such as Occupational Safety and Health Act Laws (OSHA).
Repairs, Inspections, and
Maintenance of Laboratory Facilities

Inspection and Proofreading Service
(Validation Service)

* Promote Overseas Technical Support

We aim to provide the construction of technology support system globally like the one we already have in Japan by having specialized technical staff located in North America, China, and Bangkok while we send an engineer when required for Europe or Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and other areas. We regularly hold special technical guidance in sales and services.
Technical Seminar for Distributors
(ASEAN Region)

* Promotion of business development considering the global environment

We collect unwanted devices and consumables from our customers and either recycle or appropriately dispose of them. We try to protect research environments by performing dismantling process and exchange with a safe part in a specialized processing facility especially those devices and scientific equipment that contains asbestos in the structure or components.
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