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Low Constant Temperature Water Bath "Neo-cool Bath"

301 401 601
Operating Temperature Range
-30deg.C to +80deg.C
Temp. Distribution Accuracy
Bath Inner Capacity (Approx.)
6L 13L 26L

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  • The Bigger Bath Capacity.
  • Precise control with a temperature adjustment accuracy ± 0.1 deg. C.
  • Inner/External circulation can be changed easily.
  • The height of the shelf can be changed 3 steps, capable for small containers.
  • Various fulfilling functions are available. (RS485 Communication Function, Temp. Output Terminal, Calibration Off Set Function)

Model BB301 BB401 BB601
Operating Temp. Range -30 deg.C to +80 deg.C 
Temp. Adjustment Accuracy / Temp. fluctuation ±0.1 deg.C (JTM K05)
at 20 deg.C
±0.1 deg.C (JTM K05)
±0.6 deg.C (JIS) at 20 deg.C
±0.1 deg.C (JTM K05)
±0.7 deg.C (JIS) at 20 deg.C
Temp. Distribution Accuracy / Temp. gradient ±0.3 deg.C (JTM K05)
at 20 deg.C
±0.3 deg.C (JTM K05)
±1.0deg.C (JIS) at 20 deg.C
±0.3 deg.C (JTM K05)
±1.8 deg.C (JIS) at 20 deg.C
Temp. indication unit 0.1 deg.C
Cooling Capacity Approx. 420W (361Kcal/h)
at 15 deg.C
Approx. 475W (408Kcal/h)
at 15 deg.C
Approx. 750W (645Kcal/h)
at 15 deg.C
Temp. Control System PID Control by Micro Computer
Operating Function Fixed Operation, Automatic Stop Operation, Automatic Start Operation
Temp. Sensor Double Sensor: Pt Sensor 100Ω (for Temp. Control) + K-thermocouple (for Overheat Prevention)
Temp. setting/display Digital setting/display
Refrigerator / Coolant 300W Air Cooling R404A 350W Air Cooling R404A 600W Air Cooling R404A
Pump Max. Flow (50/60Hz) 2.8/3.2L/min (Water Jet Circulation)
Pump Max. Lift (50/60Hz) 1.1/1.4m
Heater 850W 1.2kW
External circulation nozzle Hose nipple 10.5mm dia. (Outlet and Inlet port)
Ambient temperature range 5 deg.C to 30 deg.C
 Safety Device
Safety Countermeasure Self Diagnosis Function, Electric Leakage Breaker with Over Current Protection, Refrigerator Over Load Relay, Refrigerator Pressure Detector, Float Switch for Empty Boiling, Delay Timer Function for Refrigerator Protection, Automatic Overheat Prevention Function, Key Lock Function, Overheat Preventor
Other Function Drain Cock, Condenser Filter, RS485 Communication Function, Temp. Output Terminal, Refrigerator Pressure Indicator, Calibration Off Set Function, Power failure compensation function
Water Bath Dimensions W150 x D300 x H170mm W250 x D315 x H190mm W330 x D435 x H200mm
Effective Water Bath Dimensions W120 x D140 x H140mm W220 x D150 x H160mm W300 x D285 x H170mm
Bath Capacity 6L 13L 26L
External Dimension W434 x D472 x H883mm W420 x D550 x H885mm W440 x D650 x H885mm
Power AC100V, 50/60Hz,
12A (15A)
AC100V, 50/60Hz,
13.8/12.5 (20A)
20/19A (30A)
Weight Approx. 46kg Approx. 65kg Approx. 80kg
Accessory Drain hose 0.5m (1pc), Over flow hose 0.5m (1pc), Lid (1pc), Shelf (1pc)

*Control Panel

*Back Side

Control Panel BB300/400/600 Back Side BB300/400/600

Max. Q'ty for Erlenmeyer Flask
Model 300ml 500ml 1,000ml
BB301 1pc. 1pc. N/A
BB401 3pcs. 2pcs. 2pc.
BB601 9pcs. 5pcs. 4pcs.

Dimensional drawing (mm)
Size BB300/400/600

Cooling curve
Size BB300/400/600
Size BB300/400/600

Optional items
Description Main Unit Model No. Item Code
External Communication Adapter, RS485-RS232C (conversion) BB301/BB401/BB601 281387
Shelf, With 4pcs. Shelf Support BB301 221583
Shelf, With 4pcs. Shelf Support BB401 221584
Shelf, With 4pcs. Shelf Support BB601 221585
Caster stopper BB301/BB401/BB601 281440
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