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Constant Temperature Immersion Type Controller "Thermomate"

201 401 501 601
Operating temp. range
Room Temp. +5deg.C to 80deg.C Room Temp. +5deg.C to 180deg.C

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  • Immersion Type Water Bath's Temp. Controller.
  • Various Functions from "Fixed Temp. Operation" to "Programmable Operation".
  • Data Output, External Communication, etc. are available as Option.
  • Testing Bath BY100 (Polypropylene, for water) is included as standard.

Type Basic Type Multi Function Type Oil/Water Compatible Type
Model BF201 BF401 BF501 BF601
Temp. Setting Range -20.0 to 90deg.C*2  0 to 200deg.C
Operating Temp. Range Room Temp. +5 to 80deg.C*3 Room Temp. +5 to 180deg.C*4
Temp. Control Accuracy ±0.05/0.1deg.C(at37/80deg.C)*3 ±0.02 to 0.05deg.C(at37/80deg.C)*3 ±0.05 to 0.2deg.C(at40/180deg.C)*4
Stirrer Propeller Stirring Water Jet Stirring Propeller Stirring
Heater Stainless Pipe Heater
1.0kW 1.2kW
Temp. Control System PID Control by Micro Computer
Temp. Setting Digital Setting by Key
Temp. Display Digital Display by Green LED
Min. Digit Indication: 0.1deg.C Min. Digit Indication: 1deg.C
Setting Temp./ Measured Temp. Changeable Indicated on Main Indicator(Sub-indicator: Indicate Setting Temp.)
Timer Nil 1min. to 99h.59min. or 100h. to 999h.
Timer Resolution Nil 1min. or 1h.
Operating Function Fixed Operation Fixed Operation: Setting Temp., Quick Auto Stop
Program Operation: 1 to 3 Pattern, (Max. 10 Segment Pattern)
Repeat Operation: Auto Start
Additional Function Temp. Pre-setting(Memory/Recall 10 Temp.) Temp. Pre-setting (Memory/Recall 10 Temp.), Timer  (to 49,999h.), Key Lock, Calibration offset, Power failure recovery mode
N/A N/A Temp. Output, External Alarm Output, Time–up Output, External Communication Function (RS422A) N/A
Heater Circuit Control Triac Zero-cross Type
Sensor Platinum resistance temperature detector (Pt100Ω)
 Safety Device
Safety Countermeasure Shelf Diagnosis Function (Automatic Overheat Prevention, Abnormal Temp. Sensor, Heater, Triac, Relay), Circuit Protector, Float Type Empty Boiling Preventor, Independent Overheat Prevention Device
Accessories Testing Bath Model BY100 (Polypropylene)
External Dimension W140 x D138 x H312mm
Clamp Available Thickness Max. 35mm
Power Source AC 100V 50/60Hz 11A AC100V 50/60Hz 13A
Weight Approx. 4kg

*1 Conditions: Temp. and Humidity 23 deg.C+/-5 deg.C, 65%RH+/-20% (no load)
*2 If you wan to control at Room Temp. +5 or lower, please use with Cooling unit (Example, Model: BE201F)
*3 Condition: Testing Bath BY100, Water
*4 Condition: Testing Bath BZ100D, Silicon Oil Stickiness 50cst (Set over 81deg.C, Silicorn Oil is necessary)

Control panel
Control Panel BF400/500

Water Jet Stirring *Function Chart
Model BF201 BF401 BF501 BF601
Digital Setting/Display * * * *
Temp. Pre-setting * * * *
Programming Function - * * *
Water Jet Strength
Changeable Function
- * * -
Propeller Stirring * - - *
External Output,
Function, etc.
- - * -
Oil Temp. Control - - - *

Easy to Bring *Overheat Prevention Device

Sample set (Low Temp.) *Sample set (Shaking Bath)

+ BZ100D (Bath, Stainless)
+ BE201F (Neocool Dip)

+ BW400 (Shaking Bath, Stainless)

Optional items (BF201/401/501/601)

Level Controller

Cooling Pile

External Circulation Nozzle

Bath Cover
Product Name Option
Main Unit
Model No.
Level Controller
(Automatic Water Supplier)
OBF10 BF series 221570 Water Supply by Direct Connected Tap Water Type
(Electromagnetic Valve Open/Close Type),
Fix to Testing Bath by Clamp
Cooling Pipe OBJ10 BF series 221572 SUS304, O.D.φ10mm with Neo Plane Hose 3m
(φ13 x φ9)
Bath Cover OBI11 BF series 221578 Stainless Cover for Testing Bath Model: BY100
(This Cover couldn’t be operated with Automatic Water
Supplier, External Circulation Nozzle and Cooling Pile.)
External Circulation Nozzle OBG10 BF401/BF501 221573 Neo Plane Hose I.D. 9mm 3m,
Flow Rate: Approx. 8L/min., Lift: Approx. 1.8m
External Communication
Adapter set
OBF12 BF series 221871  USB-RS485 adapter, USB cable,
RS485 connection cable

*Optional items (Testing Bath) (BF201/401/501/601)
BF200/400/500/600 Option2 Testing Bath
Material Model Item Code Bath Internal Size
(W x D x H)
Capacity Operating Temp. Range
Stainless BZ100 221820 230 x 390 x 150mm 12L Up to  +200deg.C
BZ100D 221821 240 x 300 x 200mm 13L
BZ200 221822 300 x 500 x 150mm 20L
BZ300 221823 300 x 500 x 200mm 27L
Polypropylene BY100 221824 327 x 185 x 156mm 8L -5 to +80deg.C
BY200 221825 300 x 455 x 160mm 18L
Acryl BX100 221826 230 x 390 x 150mm 12L Up to 50deg.C (for Water Only)
BX100D 221827 240 x 300 x 200mm 13L
BX200 221828 300 x 500 x 150mm 20L
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