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Constant Temperature Oil Bath

  • Temperature distribution accuracy is high by using jet stirring method
  • Abundant in support function
  • 6 safety functions are equipped ( Overheating prevention, emergency stop switch, float switch for preventing sky-fried, float switch for preventing oil overflow , temperature operating condition warning, self diagnosis function )

200 310
Operating Temperature Range
(Room Temp. +10 to)
Roo200deg.C Roo270deg.C

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Model BOA200 BOA310
Operating Temp. Range Room Temp. +10 to 200deg.C Room Temp. +10 to 270deg.C
Temp. Adjustment Accuracy ±0.1deg.C
Temp. Distribution Accuracy ±0.2 ±0.3
Max. Temp. Reaching Time 120min. 70min.
Temp. Control PID Control by Digital Controller
Temp. Sensor Pt100Ω(Temp. Adjuster) + K Thermocouple (Overheat Prevention Function) (Double Sensor)
Function Fixed Operation
Stirring Type Water Jet Stirring
Heater SUS316 Pipe Heater 2kW SUS316 Pipe Heater 4.5kW
Safety Device
Safety Countermeasure Electric Leakage Breaker for Over Current Protection, Self Diagnosis Function,Temp. Sensor Error, Heater Error, Automatic Overheat Prevention Function, Overheat Preventor, Independent Overheat Preventor (Fixed 230deg.C for BOA200, Fixed 300oC for BOA310), Float Switch Detector for Overflow Oil, Float Switch Detector, Emergency Stop Switch
Other Function Drain Valve, Big Size Operation Lamp, External Alarm Output Terminal, Temp. Output Terminal (1-5V, 4-20mA Changeable Type), RS485 Communication Function, Key Lock Function, Breakout Protection Function, Calibration Offset Function, External Communication Adapter (Optional)
Oil Bath Dimensions W296 x D340 x H270mm
Capacity 37L
External Dimensions W531 x D520 x H578 (Oil Bath Height 397) mm
Power AC100V, 50/60Hz, 21A (30A) AC200V, 50/60Hz, 23A (30A)
Weight Approx. 37kg
Accessory Shelf 1pc., Lid 1pc.

Control panel

To operate with Exhaust Hood such as Draft Chamber, etc.
To operate with Exhaust Hood such as Draft Chamber, etc.

About silicone oil
Please select silicone oil which viscosity less than 100mm2/s (cSt)
Less than 200deg.C --> Toshiba silicone TSF458-50
From 200 to 270deg.C --> Toshiba silicone TSF458-100

Silicone oil characteristics
Manufacturer Toshiba Silicone
Recommendation temp. Less than 200deg.C From 200 to 270deg.C
Product name TSF458-50 TSF458-100
Appearance Pale yellow transparent Pale yellow transparent
Specific gravity (25deg.C) 0.961 0.963
Viscosity (25deg.C) 50mm2/s (cSt) 100mm2/s (cSt)
Volatilizatioin (150deg.C, 24h) 0.3% 0.3%
Viscosity temperature
0.59 0.59
Flash point 325deg.C 342deg.C
Pour point less than -50deg.C less than -50deg.C
Viscosity increase rate
300deg.C, 168h)
40% 35%
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