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Constant Temperature Water Bath

200 400 600 660
Operating temp. range
Room Temp. +5 to Boiling Temp. (Water)
Temp. distribution accuracy
±5deg.C (at 70deg.C )

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  • BS200: with 4 kinds of Baskets. Max. 5L Beaker can be set by removing Lid.
  • BS600: Can use 6pcs. of Condensers simultaneously.
  • BS400: Can use 4pcs. of Condensers simultaneously.
  • BS660: Can use 6pcs. of Big/Small Container and can adjust the sink level.

Model BS200 BS400 BS600 BS660
Operating Temp. Range Room Temp. +5deg.C to Boiling Temp. (Water)
Temp. Adjustment Accuracy ±3deg.C (at 70deg.C )
Temp. Distribution Accuracy ±5deg.C (at 70deg.C )
Time to Reach to Constant Max. Temp. Approx. 35min. Approx. 60min. Approx. 50min.
Inner Bath Stainless Steel
Heater Copper Pipe Heater (Nickel Plated)
900W 1.4kW 1.3kW
Safety Countermeasure Overheat Prevention System (Liquid Expansion Type, Self Sustaining Relay, Alarm Lamp On) Electric Leakage Breaker with Over Current Protection (Power Lamp On at the time System On)
Internal Dimensions φ200 x D149mm W328 x D302 x H99mm W790 x D150 x H102mm W502 x D302 x H99mm
Effective I.D. φ186 x D115mm W298 x D260 x H64mm W776 x D140 x H73mm W468 x D260 x H66mm
External Dimension W300 x D364 x H216mm W390 x D438 x H214mm W864 x D288 x H215mm W565 x D437 x H214mm
Bath Capacity Approx. 4.7L Approx. 9L Approx. 11L Approx. 14L
Power (50/60Hz) AC100V/9A (15A) AC100V/14A (20A) AC100V/13A (20A)
Opening Size, Q’ty 4 pcs. with baskets φ115mm, 4pcs φ115mm, 6pcs
Weight Approx. 5kg Approx. 9.5kg Approx. 16kg Approx. 12kg
Accessory Ring (Not including BS200), Lid, Container Fixing Clamp, Stand, Bar for Clamp Fixing (Not including BS200), Connector for Stand, Thermometer (0 to +100deg.C Alcohol Type), Bottom Plate, Basket (Only for BS200)

Control panel
BS200/400/600/660 Control Panel

Useable for various containers
Useable for various containers
Removable Lid
Removable Lid

Easy to change Water Level by adjusting Over Flow
Easy to change Water Level by adjusting Over Flow

Well-Holding Clamp
Well-Holding Clamp

Optional items
Description Model No. Product Code
Cooling Water Distribution System for BS600, Supply/Drain Tubeφ16mm, Cock φ8.5mm
BS Series 222086
Cooling Water Distribution System for BS400, Supply/Drain Tubeφ12mm, Cock φ8.5mm
BS Series 222081
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