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Neocool Dip

  • Alternative Freon is used for Coolant
  • Quick Cool Down by just Dipping Cooling Coil into Fluid.
  • Light and Compact with Great Cooling Performance.
  • SUS Flexible Cooling Coil is High Corrosion-resistant and Easy Bending to fit to various Bath Capacity (BE201F/301 only).
BE201 BE201F BE301
Operating Temperature Range
-20deg.C to +35deg.C
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Model BE201 BE201F BE301
Operating Temp. Range -20 to +35deg.C
Cooling Capacity (50/60Hz) 190W
(at Room Temp. 20deg.C, Ethanol 0deg.C)
(at Room Temp. 20deg.C, Ethanol 0deg.C)
 Components / Standard
Refrigerator Reciprocating Refrigerator 160W Reciprocating Refrigerator 400W
Refrigerator Coolant R134a, 110g R134a, 160g R404a, 170g
Cooling Coil Copper(Chrome Plated) Stainless Steel
Spiral Tube Flexible Tube
Cooling Coil Size φ35 x 170mm φ15 x 500mm φ15 x 1,000mm
Power Source AC100V 50/60Hz 3A/2.3A AC100V 50/60Hz 5.5A/4.9A
External Dimension W410 x D320 x H303 mm
Weight Approx. 24kg Approx. 25kg

Cooling Coil




Cooling Trap


  • Useful Cooling Trap made of Aluminium.
  • Easy Cooling by Neocool Dip.

 Structure Drawing

 Operation Sample Picture

Trap for Vacuum Pump


External Dimension φ210 x 290mm
Bath Dimension φ180 x 245mm
Cooling Cylinder Dimension φ45 x 220mm
Suction Nozzle Size φ18 (O.D.)
Bath Material Aluminium (Almite Finish)
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