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Cold Traps

The Yamato CA series efficiently traps water and toxic substance and protects expensive vacuum pumps. It does not require adding any LN2 or dry ice during the operation

301 801
Dehumidifying capacity
0.9kg 1.0kg
4 L(Liquid 3L)

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  • Excellent choice to extract the acid and organic solvents.
  • Multifunctional : it can be used as a low temperature tank as well as a precooling tank
  • Utilizes R404A (CA301) and R600a and mixed coolants (CA801) that comply with SCF regulations.
  • Easy to move and space saving unit with internal freezer and with casters.
  • Evaporator, Vacuum Drying Oven

  CA301 CA801
Method Direct trap or Glass trap (optional accessory)
Dehumidifying capacity Max. 0.9 kg (Water type liquid) Max. 1.0 kg (Water type liquid)
Max. low temperature Fall time -45deg.C -85deg.C
Refrigerator Air cooling, 400W Air cooling, 350W
Refrigerant R404A R600a, etc. Mixed Coolant
Cooling coil inner diameter 90 mm, SUS304 Installed at the water tank periphery
Cover for bath nozzle
Nozzle diameter 17.6 mm
Bath material SUS304
Bath dimension Cylindrical, 153 dia. × H235 mm
Temperature display 7 segment LCD
Temperature sensor Platinum resistance temperature detector Pt100Ω
Capacity Approx, 4 liters (liquid quantity 3 liters)
Usable ambient temperature +5deg.C to +35deg.C +5deg.C to +30deg.C
Safe Device
Safety countermeasures Electric leakage breaker with over current protection, Overload relay for refrigerator
External dimensions(W×D×Hmm) 345×475×726 405×500×850
Weight Approx. 47 kg Approx. 65 kg
Power source 50/60Hz AC 100V
AC 100V
The projection is not included for External dimensions.

Cooling Curve
* CA301



Optional Accessories
Description Model No. Product Code
Glass condenser set CA Series 221487
Reducer for rubber tube, brass, 30m dia x 12m dia CA Series 242186
Reducer for rubber tube, brass, 30m dia x 18m dia CA Series 242185
Reducer for rubber tube, SUS, 30m dia x 12m dia CA Series 221497
Reducer for rubber tube, SUS, 30m dia x 18m dia CA Series 221496
Caster fixing holder   281440
SUS lid CA Series 281296

Glass condenser set

Glass Condenser

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