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Cooling Aspirator

CF800P +Rotary evaporator set (Model: RE801B-W
with Glass "B" and Water Bath)
High accuracy water flow pump which decompression and cooling performed simultaneously . Especially useful in aspirator drainage of Dichloromethane or Benzene.

Operating Temp. Range
-20 deg.C to room temp.
Cooling Capacity
1,050W (at liquid temp.: 10 deg.C)

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  • Ideal for decompressor (aspirator) of rotary evaporator due to Dichloromethane 0.2ppm, Chloroform 0.06ppm, Tetrachloromethane 0.02ppm are under drainage standard value.
  • Because tank is equipped in each aspirator unit and cooling device unit , so even if organic solvent is aspirated in aspirator side, the cooling side is not contaminated.
  • Water in tank can be discharge to the outside of machine easily. Even when containing organic solvent due to suction, it can be simply collect by tank. And because the main body of aspirator and tank are separated, it is possible to remove the tank to discharge.

Model CF800P
System Closed system circulation
Suction/Circulation method Aspirator tank/Double cooling circulation tank
Aspirator tank drainage method Natural drainage by Siphon, or batch processing
Operating temp. range -20 deg.C to room temp.
Cooling capacity Approx. 1050W (903 Kcal/h) at liquid temp: 10 deg.C 
Approx. 910W (782 Kcal/h) at liquid temp 0 deg.C
Approx. 670W (576 Kcal/h) at liquid temp: -10 deg.C
Temperature control Refrigerator ON-OFF control
Temperature sensor T-thermocouple (with SUS protective tube)
Temp. and time setting Digital setting and display
Refrigerator/coolant Air-cooled 600W  R404A
Circulation pump Magnet pump 
Pump performance Max. flow 10.0/11.8L/min
Max. lift 10.3/14.3m
Cooling coil Copper nickel-plated
External circulation nozzle Both discharge port, return port O.D. 10.5mm hose nipple 
Operating environment temp. range 5 - 35deg.C
Safety functions Over current electrical leakage breaker, refrigerator over load relay, pump thermal protector, delay timer for protecting refrigerator
Other functions Flexible discharge port, return port nipple, drain overflow
Tank dimension I.D. 300 x H235mm
Tank material SUS304
Capacity Approx. 16L ( liquid volume 14L)
Power source  AC100V 50/60Hz 15A
External dimensions W350 x D480 x H1,007
Weight Approx. 71kg
Accessories Circulation hose 3m 1pc
Wire clamp 2pcs, Exhaust hose 0.5m 1pc
Overflow cap 1pc, Inlet rubber cap 2pcs
Vacuum hose (I.Dφ 6mm x L2m) 1pc

System configuration

Optional items
Description Product Code
Vacuum regulator 242491
Flow control valve 221580
Circulation insulation hose (Ø9 2m x 2pcs) 221581
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