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Coolnics Circulator (Freon-free Cooling Type)
CTA402(S)/802(S)/412(S)/812(S), CTW402(S)/802(S)/412(S)/812(S)

CTW402/CTA402, CTW402S/CTA402S
Cooling system
Air cooled type (CTA)/
Water cooled type (CTW)
Operating temp. range
0 deg.C to +70 deg.C(CTA)/
-10 deg.C to +70 deg.C(CTW)
Temp. adjusting accuracy
±0.1 deg.C
Max. pump flow
8 L/min (402(S)/412(S))/
11 L/min (802(S)/812(S))
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  • Water cooling heat dissipation system (CTW type) and air cooling heat dissipation system (CTA type) are available.
  • Integrated type (CTW402/802, CTA402/802) and Separated type (CTW402S/802S, CTA402S/802S) are selectable.
  • External open constant temperature water circulator with separate cooling/heating assembly and power control assembly enables to control the constant temperature water precisely. It uses a Freon-free cooling system.
  • The RS485 communication function is provided as standard and can be centrally managed from a PC.
  • Suitable power supply ranges AC100V or 200V.

AC100V/AC200V 221635/221636 221637/221638 221631/221632 221633/221634
Model CTA402/CTA412 CTA802/CTA812 CTW402/CTW412 CTW802/CTW812
System Integrated type, Air cooled electronic system,  External open circulation Integrated type, Water cooled electronic system, External open circulation
AC100V/AC200V 221643/221644 221645/221646 221639/221640 221641/221642
Model CTA402S/CTA412S CTA802S/CTA812S CTW402S/CTW412S CTW802S/CTW812S
System Separated type, Air cooled electronic system,  External open circulation Separated type, Water cooled electronic system, External open circulation
Operating temperature range 0 deg.C to +70 deg.C -10 deg.C to +70 deg.C
Temp. adjustment accuracy ±0.1 deg.C *2
Cooling capacity 83kcal/h (97W) 163kcal/h (189W) 126kcal/h (147W) 250kcal/h (291W)
Pump Maximum flow 8 L/min 11 L/min 8 L/min 11 L/min
capacity Max. discharge pressure 29.4 kPa 78.4 kPa 29.4 kPa 78.4 kPa
Temperature control PID control with a micro computer, Digital setting and display
Control sensor Platinum resistance temperature detector (Pt100Ω)
Timer function 1 min to 99 hrs 50 min, 100 to 9999 hrs (with time/clock switching function)
Operation function Fixed temp., Auto-start, Auto-stop, Quick auto stop,
Program (Max.99 steps, step separate,repeat, gradient), Program auto start
Other functions Self diagnostics, Calibration offset, External temperature sensor switching,
Power failure recovery mode, RS485 external communication, Alarm output terminal,
Key lock, Display the amount of Power consumption, Operation guidance
Safety unit Over current electric leakage breaker, Abnormality detection (Temp. sensor, Overheat,
Peltier, Temp. upper/lower limit, Power supply, Internal communication, Memory)
Material of cooling/heating unit liquid contact part Stainless steel (SUS304)
Integrated type W291×D380×H360 W371×D440×H380 W291×D380×H360 W331×D480×H380
Separated type
W291×D380×H190 W361×D410×H265 W291×D360×H175 W311×D480×H202
W291 x D342 x H195
Weight Integrated type 23 kg (total) 35 kg (total) 19 kg (total) 27 kg (total)
Separated type
16 kg 27kg 12kg 19kg
10 kg
Circulation port nipple diameter O.D.: 12.7mm
Number of thermo module 4 8 4 8
Power supply AC100V/AC200V 3.4A/1.7A 6.5A/3.3A 3.3A/1.7A 6A/3A
Circulation heat insulation hose  (ID 11.5mm 1m X 2pcs.), Heat radiation water hose  (ID12mm 3m X 1pc.,
CTW only), Stacking support (Separated type only)

*1 Conditions: Temp. and Humidity 23 deg.C+/-5 deg.C, 65%RH+/-20% (no load)
*2 Condition: Testing Bath CTB-3A/6A (Optional)

Heating-cooling characteristics

Optional items
Description Option Model Item Code
Sensor - 221295
Testing bath, capacity : 3L CTB-3A 221801
Testing bath, capacity : 6L CTB-6A 221802
Testing bath, capacity : 12L CTB-12A 221803
Testing bath, capacity : 12L CTB-12S 221804
Testing bath, capacity : 24L CTB-24A 221805


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