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3D X-Ray Microscopic CT Scanner

A single system can perform collections of tomographic images, measurements and analyses.
High spatial resolution, high contrast resolution, wide dynamic range and reliable dimensional accuracy !!
A new-generation system integrating an X-ray CT scanner equipped with functions indispensable for scientific measurements and analyses, and image processing software with wide and various functions.
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  • High spatial resolution: minimum pixel size of 1µm
  • High contrast resolution: It has brought about a revolutionary advance in differentiations of adjacent elements and imaging of materials made of light elements.
  • High accuracy: Images with higer reliability compensated with the highest-accuracy standard amaong X-ray CT scanners.
  • High-efficiency: Target image data are collected at the maximum speed by scanning in multiple modes including standard, high-speed and high-accuracy.
  • Superb functionality: Continuous magnification setting, sophisticated correction software and higt-accuracy image data output finction.
  • Multiple ffunctions: Various measurement and analysis function have been realized by the integration with general-purpose software.
  • Excellent user-friendliness: Simple and clear operation software worked out by pratical operationa.
  • Compactified system: A retionally designed compact system with superb functionality and high performance.

Examples of imaging functions

Perspective image

2D CT image

Arbitrarily-selected multiple-section display image

3D CT image

High-accuracy dimensional measurement image

Examples of moving images of 3D CT
Moving image of 3D CT (BGA analysis) -1
BGA analysis of PC board for CCD camera of cell-phone (MPEG1 3,155KB 19sec.)
Moving image of 3D CT (BGA analysis) -2
BGA analysis of PC board for communication of cell-phone (MPEG1 6,498KB 39 sec.)
Moving image of 3D CT (Container cap)
Inward observation in the state that closed a cover of a food tube container (MPEG1 6,657KB 39 sec)
Moving image of 3D CT (Drug analysis) -1
Inward observation of Drug (granulated powder capsule (MPEG1 6,628KB 39 sec)
Moving image of 3D CT (Drug analysis) -2
Inward observation of tablet (MPEG1 5.983KB 39 sec)

Description Specification
Analytical sample Rotational diameter: 0.1-75mm, Height: 0.1-100mm
Weight: up to 3kg, Transmissivity: Less than 40mm as aluminum
Spatial resolition (size of a picture element) Max. 1µm down to min. 35 µm
Input data size 12 bits
Image generation speed Data collection speed
(less than XX seconds / layer)
Reconstruction speed
2D mode 3D mode
High-speed scanning 60/1024 150/100 200/100
Normal scanning 300/1024 300/100 400/100
Fine scanning 900/1024 450/100 600/100
User-programmed scanning - - -
Image matrix 256 • 512 • 1024

Description Specification
X-ray rediation System: Air-cooling sealed micro-focus X-ray tube, Dimension of focal point: 5µm (at 4W)
Tube voltage: 20-100kV, Tube current: 0-250µA, Max. power consumption: 10W
Detector System: Image intensifier, Detecting picture element: Beryllium, Detectable surface sixe: 100mm or 25mm, Camera: 1.45 megapixel CCD camera, Image output: 12 bits
Manipulator Four-axial automatic drive (X-Y-Z-ø)
Computing and controlling Memory: 4GB, Hard dosk: More 600GB, Monitor: 19 inches 1600 X 1200 color LCD,Operation: JIS standard keyboad wiht an optical mouse, Image saving: CD, DVD, DVD recording and network transmission.
Display images: Perspective image, 2D CT image, MPR image, ROI classes: Rectangle, ellipse, line segments, ROI measurement: Length, area, angle, maximum valure, minimum value, mean value, standard deviation, OS: Windows
3D Image processing and measuring Memory: 2GB, Hard disk: More than 250GB, Monitor: 19 inches 1600 X 1200 color LCD,Operation: JIS standard keyboad wiht an optical mouse, Image saving: CD, DVD, recording and network transmission.
Features: Visualization of 3D images from CT reconstructed data, measuring, production of animations, generation of polygonal data and input / output of such data as STL files, OS: Windows
X-ray screening box External dimension: 1250mmW X 600mmD X 800mmH, Approx. 300kg
Externally leaked dose rate: Less than 1µSV/hr. on the surface of the system
Utilities Power supply: 100VAC, 20A (3-pin plug connector X 2), Ground: Third class grounding
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