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Freeze Dryer

401 801
Trap Cooling Temp.
-45deg.C -85deg.C
Internal Capacity

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  • Automatic Leak System can prevent from Vacuum Oil’s Back Flow when the power turned off or breakout occurs.
  • Ice can be refrozen and removed smoothly from the vessel by Hot Gas Bypass System.
  • It’s loaded with Pirani Vacuum Gauge
  • Safety Valve is linked with Service Receptacle for Vacuum Pump
  • Little impact on global warming and the ozone layer by using non-CFC refrigerant

Model DC401 DC801
Trap Cooling Temp. -45deg.C -85deg.C
Dehumidify Amount 0.6L 1.0L
Temperature sensor None Platinum resistance temperature detector
Temperature display None 7 segment LCD
Refrigerator Air Cooling Type, 400W Air Cooling Type, 350W 
Refrigerator, Coolant R404A, Coolant Amount: 300g ±5g R600a and others, mixed coolant
Compound gauge None High pressure/Low pressure monitor
Bath Shape, Material Cylinder Type
Drain Vacuum Hose with Stopper
Exhaust port
(vacuum pump connection)
Vacuum Gauge Pirani Vacuum Measure
Service Receptacle for Vacuum Pump Max 6A, for Heater Max. 2A
Trap Defrost Defrosted by Hot Gas
Ambient temperature range 5 to 30deg.C
Safety Device
Safety Countermeasure Electric Leakage Breaker with Over Current Protection,Refrigerator Overload Relay, Valve for Back Flow Prevention
Trap Dimensions Ф153 x H235mm
External Dimensions W300 x D450 x H720mm W405 x D500 x H846mm
Internal Capacity Approx. 4L
Power AC100V, 50/60Hz, 6A (20A) AC100V, 50/60Hz, 7/6.5A (20A)
Power Code 1.6m
Suitable Vacuum Pump’s
Weight Approx. 43kg Approx. 65kg
Accessories Vacuum silicone grease,
vacuum hose, fuse 10A
Vacuum silicone grease,
vacuum hose, fuse 10A,
caster stop holder 4 pcs

PiraniVacuum Gauge and Controller

Cooling curve
* *

*Vacuum Pump

Model PD53
Ultimate pressure 6.7 X 10-2 Pa
Exhaust speed (50/60Hz) 50/60L/min

Optional items
Fixing Flask Chamber Stopper: I.D. 18.5mm, Stopper Pitch: 96mm, Port Qty.: 12,
Dimension (mm): Ф195 x H303
Manifold A Stopper: I.D. 18.5mm, Stopper Pitch: 80mm, Port Qty.: 8,
Dimension (mm): W304 x D60 x H263
Manifold B Stopper: I.D. 18.5mm, Stopper Pitch: 80mm, Port Qty.: 16,
Dimension (mm): W624 x D60 x H263
Dry Chamber Shelf Qty.: x 1, Stopper: I.D. 18.5mm, Stopper Pitch: 60mm Petri Dish Qty. x 7, Temp. Control: 30oC ±2oC, Dimension (mm): Ф252 x H240 212563
Closed Dry Chamber Shelf Qty. x 1, Stopper: I.D. 18.5mm, Stopper Pitch: 60mm Petri Dish Qty. x 7, Temp. Control: 30oC ±2oC, Dimension (mm): Ф252 x H425 212564
Valve - 212565
Dry Flask 120ml, 5pcs 212820
250ml, 5pcs 212821
Dry Flask Cap (with Glass Joint) 5pcs. (Straight)  212570
5pcs. (45oC Bend) 212571
Serum Bottle (Vial Bottle) 50ml, 10pcs 212814
 30ml, 10pcs 212815
10ml, 10pcs 212816
Ample Adapter Single, 5pcs 212572
Double, 5pcs 212573
Triple, 5pcs 212574
Testing Tube Adapter 45deg Bend (with Glass Joint) 212590
Straight 212591
Round Bottom Flask (Male) 200ml,T/S29   212594
300ml, T/S29 212595
500ml; T/S29 212596
Round Bottom Flask Adapter (Male) T/S 29 212597
Round Bottom Flask (Female) 200ml,T/S29
300ml, T/S29
500m; T/S29
300ml, T/S29 212567
500ml, T/S29 212568
Round Bottom Flask Adapter (Female) T/S29 212569
Micro Tube Holder 1.5ml, 24pcs. 212580
Glass Joint 45deg Bend 212599
Straight 212598
Caster stop holder 4 pcs  281440
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