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Low Temperature Incubators



Air-jacket method is adopted that media are hard to dry.
Low temperature incubators equipped with an interactive thermoregulator aiming at improvement of operability, performance and safety, coping with the regulation of specific Freon.

IL603 ILE800
Operating Temperature Range
0deg.C to 50 deg.C 0deg.C to 60 deg.C
Temp. Distribution Accuracy
Internal Capacity
159L 300L

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  • input duplication or error is avoided, adopting an interactive key input system.
  • 99 step programming is available. weight function guarantees the time of treatment.
  • The R134a is adopted as a medium for freezer, coping with the regulation of specific Freon.
  • Safety measures are enriched, including self diagnosis function.
  • Possible to bring a cable into the incubator.

  IL603 ILE800
Circulation method Natural convection by air jacket
Operating temperature range 0 to 50deg.C 0 to 60deg.C
Temp. control accuracy ±0.3deg.C (when refrigerator is in the continuous operation)
±1.0deg.C (when refrigerator is in the cycle operation)
Temp. distribution accuracy ±1.0deg.C (when refrigerator is in the continuous operation at 37deg.C)
Interior Material Stainless steel
Exterior Material Cold rolled steel plate with baked-on melamine resin finish
Inner door 5mm thick reinforced glass
Heat insulating material Styro-form (non-freon)
Refrigerator (medium : R-134a) Air cooling enclose type, 300W
Defrosting mechanism Hot gas bypass system Manual ON/OFF, Timer operation, Cycle operation
Heater Iron-chrome wire heater, 800W
Overheat prevention Integrated electronic controller Electronic stand alone type
Door key 1 pc
Cable hole 50mm l.D.
Temp. controller PID control by micro processor
Temp. setting method Digital setting with key
Temp display method Digital display green LED
Timer / Min. division 1 min. to 99 Hrs. 59 min. and 100 Hrs. to 999 Hrs / 1 min. or 1 Hrs.
Operation function Fixed temperature operation, Auto-start/Auto-stop operation Fixed temperature operation, Auto-start/Auto-stop operation, Program operation:You can make patterns within the program memory capacity, 99 step (Repeat, Ramp operation, Quick auto-stop)
Fan Axial fan, 14/13W (50/60 Hz) Axial fan, 14/13W (50/60 Hz)×2
Heater circuit control Triac zero-cross control
Temp. sensor Double sensor: Platinum resistance temperature detector :Pt100Ω(temperature controller), K-thermocouple (overheat preventive device)
Safe Device
  Self diagnosis functions (Automatic overheat prevention, Temperature sensor trouble, heater disconnection, Min relay malfunction, Refrigerator trouble, Communication trouble, Timer trouble, Triac short circuit), Circuit breaker, Alarm buzzer
Internal dimensions (W×D×Hmm)
External dimensions(W×D×Hmm)
Internal capacity
159 liters
300 liters
Shelf plate with standard load Approx. 15 kg / piece Approx. 15 kg / piece
Shelf rest pitch 30mm 12 steps 30mm 29 steps
Power source 50/60Hz AC100V 14A(15A)
weight Approx. 90 kg Approx. 150 kg
Shelf plate Stainless steel, 3 pcs.
Shelf bracket 6 pcs.

Optional items
Remark Description Model No. Product Code
Stand ON61 IL603 211856
  External Communication Adapter OIL24
(USB terminal PC conversion, connection cable)
IL603 213465
  External Communication Adapter ODK18
(RS-232C terminal PC conversion)
IL603 281349
  Shelf, Standard (with support 2 pcs) IL603 212266
  Shelf, Stainless Steel Wire OIL22 (with support 2pcs)  IL603
  Drain Water Tray OIL26
(to be used together with Stand ON61)
Volume: 4L
IL603 213466
  Drain Water Bottle OIL28
(to be fixed to the side of the main unit)
IL603 213467
  Shelf, Standard (with support 2 pcs) ILE800 212839
  Temperature Output Terminal OIL12 (4-20mA) ILE800 213460
  External Alarm Terminal OIL14 ILE800 213461
  External Communication Terminal OIL16 (RS485 terminal) ILE800 213462
  EXternal Communication Adapter OCI48
(USB-RS486 conversion, connection cable)
ILE800 211884
  Fall Prevention Bracket OIL18
(ea.2, φ11anchor bolt opening x3)
ILE800 213463
  Drain Water Tray OIL26
Volume: 4L
IL800 213466
1. The item marked " ● " in the column of "Remark" shall be ordered together with the main unit.
2. The transportation cost will not be required if the order is together with main unit except the item marked "○". In case you order the item marked "○" together with the main unit, please ask Yamato to obtain the correct transportation cost.
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