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Low Temperature Incubator Constant & Programmable, two-chamber type

Two-chamber incubator that enables incubation and storage at a lower temperature at the same time.

Operating temp. range
Room temp.+5 to 80 deg.C (upper chamber)
4 to 50 deg.C (lower chamber)
Temp. distribution accuracy
+/-1 deg.C (at 37deg.C) (upper/lower chambers)
Internal capacity
150L (upper chamber) 143L (lower chamber)

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  • The upper chamber is a fixed operation type incubator with a timer operation function and an overheat preventive device while the lower chamber is a low temperature incubator that allows registering six programs from 30 steps to 10 steps.
  • The cycle defrost function and the manual defrost function on the lower chamber allows easy defrosting.
  • The product facilitates extensive safety functions including: self diagnostic function, key lock function, over current electric leakage breaker, and over heat preventive device.
  • Both upper and lower chambers have a door key.

Product code 211210
Model INC820
Lower chamber Upper chamber
Basic configuration Low temperature incubator Incubator
System Forced convection Natural convection air jacket system
Operating temp. range 4 deg.C to 50 deg.C Room temp.+5 deg.C to 80 deg.C
Temp. adjustment accuracy +/-0.3 deg.C +/-0.5 deg.C
Temp. distribution accuracy +/-1 deg.C (when set at 37 deg.C)
Interior material Stainless steel plate
Heater & heat insulator Iron chrome heater, Styrofoam
Iron chrome heater, glass wool
Heater & heat insulator 550W 400W
Fan Axial flow fan -
Refrigerator/refrigerant Air cooled 250W R404A -
Defrosting mechanism Manual and cyclic -
Cable port I.D. 50 mm, right side of the main body I.D.30 mm, right side of the main body
Exhaust port - 30mm (with damper) at two points on the ceiling
Controller VS4 program operation type temp. controller VS3 fixed operation type temp. controller
Heater control SSR control
Sensor Pt100 ohm
Optional RS485 terminal, logger connection terminal, alarm terminal
Operation functions Program operation (30 steps x 1, 15 steps x 2, 10 steps x 3), fixed operation, quick auto stop operation, auto stop operation, auto start operation Fixed operation, quick auto stop operation, auto stop operation, auto start operation
Safety functions Self diagnostic function (Temperature sensor error, heater disconnection, SSR short circuit, automatic overheat, etc.) key lock, overheat preventive device in the chamber, over current electric leakage breaker
Power source (50/60 Hz) AC100V 14A
External dimensions*2 710 x 656 x 1,792 mm (W x D x H)
Internal dimensions 600 x 477 x 500 Internal capacity: 143L 600 x 530 x 500 Internal capacity: 150L
Number of shelves 2, shelf peg pitch: 14 steps, 35mm 2, shelf peg pitch: 13 steps, 30 mm
Shelf loading Approx. 15 kg/each
Weight Approx. 160 kg

*1 Condition: Temperature and humidity 23 deg.C+/-5 deg.C; 65%RH+/-20 %(no-load).

*2 External dimensions do not include protrusions.

Control panel
Lower: 4 deg.C to 50 deg.C Upper: RT +5 deg.C to 80 deg.C
Lower chamber control panel Upper chamber control panel

Internal chamber Cable port  
* *
Upper chamber:
I.D. 30 mm, SUS
Lower chamber:
50 dia., resin

Shelf Dimensional drawing (mm)
Upper chamber
Lower chamber
Note: Shelves and shelf pegs differ in sizes for the upper and lower chambers.

Optional items
Description Model No. Product Code
RS485 External communication terminal (Specification of installation necessary on ordering) INC820 281125
RS485-232C conversion adapter INC820 281126
Temperature output terminal 4 to 20mA (Installation necessary on ordering) ODK12 INC820 281123
Application software FORWARD INC820 281501
Punching shelf set for upper chamber ODK22 INC820 212266
Punching shelf set for lower chamber INC820 211221
RM type hybrid recorder INC820 281017
PHR video chart recorder INC820 281019
T-thermocouple sensor for recorder: 2m INC820 281554
T-thermocouple sensor for recorder: 2m (with a calibration certificate) INC820 281555
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