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Laboratory Incubator

This model has been upgraded with inverter control which achieves an energy-saving rate of approximately 40% compared to current models.

Temperature range JIS Temperature gradient
0deg.C to 60 deg.C 2.0 deg.C
(at37deg.C Continuous operation the refrigerator)
Internal Capacity
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  • By an inverter controlling the frequency of the refrigerator, wasted power during refrigeration has been minimized.
  • Also, inverter control has improved refrigeration efficiency and has reduced frost significantly.
  • A temperature range of 0deg.C to 60deg.C is most suitable for each type of incubation and preservation. The controller for the INE800 has been upgraded to a newly developed one for easier viewing and operability.
  • The temperature distribution accuracy has been improved for better incubation.
  • This model features Program Operation, Auto-stop, Auto-start, Timer function, Calibration off-set function and an Electricity & CO2 Emission Monitor function.
  • Analog Output ( 4-20mA) and External Communication (RS485) Terminal are standard features.
  • This model has been equipped with a memory function which saves user settings.

Model INE800
System Forced convection
Operating temperature range 0~60deg.C
Setting temperature range -5~65deg.C
Temperature adjustment range ±0.2deg.C JTM (at 37deg.C during continuous operation)
±0.3deg.C JIS (at 37deg.C during continuous operation)
±0.5deg.C JTM (at 37deg.Cduring cycle operation)
±1.0deg.C JIS (at 37deg.C during cycle operation)
Temperature distribution accuracy ±0.5deg.C JTM (at 37deg.C during continuous operation)
2.0deg.C JIS (at 37deg.C during continuous operation)
Time to attain max. temperature 20~60deg.C 35 mins.
Time to attain min. temperature 20~ 0deg.C  50 mins.
Cooling Mechanism Continuous Operation, Cycle Operation, Cooling-Stop Operation
Interior/ Exterior Stainless steel plate / Chromate-free electrogalvanized steel plate Baked chemical resistant finish
Heat insulator Styrene foam (non-freon)
Freezer/Cooling Medium/Operation Range 200W Rotary Unit/ R134a 350g/ Below 40deg.C
Defrosting mechanism Hot Gas Bypass Method, Manua/Auto Defrost
Blower fan DC Axial flow fan 4-Step, Equipped with Error Signal when stopped
Heater Iron-chrome wire heater : 750 W
Sensor Double sensor: Platinum resistance temperature detector :Pt100Ω(temperature controller),
K-thermocouple (overheat preventative device)
Cable port I.D.: 50 mm (right side of main unit)
Temperature control system PID Control
Temperature control display V-Type Control
Temperature Display Setting Temp. Display : 5-digit orange LED digital display,
Actual Temp. Display : 4- digit green LED digital display
Timer/timer resolution 0 to 99 hrs 59 min/1 min
Operation functions Fixed value operation, program operation, auto start, auto stop, quick auto stop
Program mode 99 Steps / 99 Patterns
Additional functions Timer Function, Calibration off-set function, Electricity & CO2 Emission Monitor function,
Voltage Recovery Optional function, User Setting Memory function
Safety Functions Self diagnostic function (temp. sensor error, heater disconnection, SSR short-circuit, main relay error, automatic overheat prevention function), key lock, Over current ELB, overheat preventative device, Fan malfunction detector, Cooling high-pressure detector, Inverter malfunction detector
External / Internal Dimension W 710×D 645×H 1,730mm /
W 600×D 477×H 1,000(Effective 800)mm
Internal Volume 286L
Shelf load capacity 15kg/pc
No. of internal shelf stages/ shelf support pitch 23 Stages/30mm
Power supply (50/60) Hz rated current AC100V 10A(15A)
Weight Approx 135kg
Shelf/shelf support Stainless steel perforated metal 5 sheets/10
Other 2 keys, Silicon stopper for cable hole 1 pc

Power Consumption Comparison Data
0℃ 3℃ 20℃ 37℃
IN804 648 712 864 1007
IN800 409 446 498 560
Reduction Rate 37% 37% 42% 44%
Comparison with IN804
1. Condition : AC100V/50Hz, Room Temp 23℃, 5 shelves, no load
2. Data were taken when each setting was stable
CO2 emissions reduced by approx 1,269 kg
( calculated for 1 year operation with 37℃ setting )
Falling - Rising Temp. Curve
Control Panel

9 Point Temperature Distribution Data
  Upper Front Left Upper Back Left Upper Front Right Upper Back Right Lower Front Left Lower Back Left Lower Front Right Lower Back Right Center Side
No Load 37.1deg.C 36.2deg.C 37.2deg.C 36.9deg.C 36.8deg.C 36.8deg.C 37.1deg.C 36.9deg.C 37.0deg.C
Loaded 37.1deg.C 36.3deg.C 37.0deg.C 36.9deg.C 36.5deg.C 35.9deg.C 36.7deg.C 36.1deg.C 37.0deg.C
1. Above 9 measurement points were taken from the effective internal capacity down-scale by 10% (as the image on the right)
2. Room Temp. 23°C, AC100V, 50Hz, Average temperature during stable setting temp. set at 37°C
3. No Load condition : 5 shelves
4. Loaded condition : each of the 12 shelves were loaded with 20 Petri Dishes ( Total : 240 Petri Dishes )

Overheat Preventive Device
Dimensional drawing (mm)

Optional items
Description Product Code
(1) Shelf 211221
(2) External Communication Adapter * 211880
(3) External Alarm Terminal  211881
(4) Time-up Output Terminal  211882
(5) Earth-quake Resistant Clasp 211883
(3) and (4) should be ordered when placing the order for the first item.
The (2) External Communication Adapter is equipped with RS485-USB interchange adapter, 1m USB cable, 3m RS48 connection cable and utility software ( accept Windows XP, Vista, 7 )
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