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Vertical Type 2-Chamber Oven
Cure and Inert Oven, 2-chamber type

* Cure for BGA/CSP (PBGA/CABG/LFBGA/SBGA/TABGA/FilipChip) manufacturing process.

Forced convection
Temp. range
40 to 260 deg.C
Temp. uniformity
±3deg.C with sample Loading
Internal dimension
W580 x D615 x H580

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  • Expandable and detachable
  • Can select number of ovens
  • Saving space in factory
  • Easy maintenance
  • Oxygen exchange rate is under 100 ppm level for Inert
  • Cooling Time (175C to 50C) - less than 30min for Inert

Auto damper with Exhaust duct
N2 gas inlet port
Solenoid door lock
Level adjustable shelf
Program security function

*Cooling coil system for Inert *Chamber *Back View
Cooling coil system for Inert Chamber Back View
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