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Large Capacity Cooling Water Circulator

* Example of applications: Cooling a dicer blade for semiconductors (QFN package)

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  • 375L of large effective capacity of the main tank
  • Greatly extends lifetime of expensive dicer blades
  • Continuously supplies clean cooling water through a filtering mechanism equipped with a sub tank
  • Discharges water after removing microorganisms with automatic cleaning with a filter
  • Equipped with an exhaust fan that exhausts air cooling exhaust heat of the freezer outside the room
  • Equipped with a signal tower and an emergency stop switch

Product name Large Capacity Cooling Water Circulator C-142
System External open system circulation with a pump
Performance Operating temperature range 4 to 22deg.C (during self circulation)
Temperature adjusting accuracy ±1deg.C at liquid temperature of 7deg.C
Temperature indication unit 0.1deg.C
Cooling capacity 2732 kcal/h (at cooling from 22deg.C to 5deg.C)
Configuration Temperature control On-Off control
Temperature sensor Pt100Ω (for temperature control)
Temperature setting/display Digital setting/display
Freezer and cooling medium Air cooling system: 2.2 kW R407C
Circulation pump Soaking type coolant pump
Filter pump Magnet pump
Unit circulation capacity Maximum flow (pump capacity) 24/30 L/min. (40/50 L/min.)
(50/60 Hz) Maximum lift (pump capacity) 30/30m (50/50m)
Circulation nozzle O.D.: 20.5 mm
Operating environmental temperature range 5 to 35deg.C
Safety units Electric leakage breaker, error display lamp, alarm, emergency stop switch, thermal relays (for pump/freezer)
Other functions Level sensor, ceiling exhaust fan, pressure meter, flow meter, reverse cleaning cartridge filter system, manual valve for discharging tank water
Accessories Circulation tube in unit (φ12) x 1m, heat insulator for condensation on pipes x 2m
Standards Effective bath volume 375L
External dimensions W1100 x D1500 x H1800 mm (excluding protrusions)
Power supply 3-phase AC200V 50/60 Hz 15A
Weight Approx. 400 kg

*Front operation panel *Front operation panel
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