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Vacuum Drying System, for Rechargeable Battery's Manufacturing Process (Multi-step Volume)

Vacuum drying is performed during a rechargeable battery manufacturing process to remove water content from work pieces. In this system, chambers are stacked in multiple stages and many kinds of work pieces can be processed under different conditions.

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  • Allows reduction of conductance in the vacuum exhaust route and installation of a high performance exhaust pump
  • Designed to support a pressure of 1 Pa or less
  • Hot plate system to enable high speed temperature increase
  • Required number of units may be stacked in multiple stages and processed under different conditions.
  • Hot plate (±2deg.C) improves the temperature distribution accuracy in chamber.
  • Thermocouples are equipped with in the chambers as standard to monitor work piece temperatures. (Thermocouples may be increased as necessary)
  • Variable chamber sizes are available depending on the work piece sizes (upon request).

Model DPB530
System Heat radiation and transfer system with vacuum and 4-side hot plates
Performance Operating temp. range Room temperature + 10 to 150deg.C
Operating vacuum level range 101 kPa to 1 Pa or less (at no load), displayed on the vacuum indicator
Attainable vacuum level 1 Pa or less (at no-load), depending on vacuum pump capacity
Temp. adjustment accuracy ±1deg.C (at 100deg.C), both in atmosphere and vacuum, temperatures at five points in chamber
Temp. distribution accuracy ±5deg.C (at 100deg.C), both in atmosphere and vacuum, temperatures at five points in chamber
Temp. distribution accuracy of bottom hot plates ±2deg.C (at 100deg.C), both in atmosphere and vacuum
Time to attain max. temp. Approx. 90 min. up to 100deg.C, both in atmosphere and vacuum, shortest reach time of temperatures at five points in chamber
Open-to-atmosphere time One minute or less (at full opened manual valve), adjustable with the manual valve
Configuration/Functions Exterior Chrome free electro galvanized steel plate Chemical proof baking finish
Interior Stainless steel plate, 2 stages chamber (Vacuum level and temperature adjustable individually)
Door Material inside chamber: Aluminum, without heat insulator, one touch handle mechanism
Door packing Vacuum O-ring (Fluororubber)
Heater 3.6 kW/chamber
Temperature controller PID control with a micro computer (separate control of chambers x 2-system heater control)
Temp. control/overheat preventive device sensor K-thermocouple
Sample temperature sensor K-thermocouple 5/chamber
Vacuum valve Air driven, NW50
Vacuum meter 101 kPa to 10-2 Pa, vacuum indicator
Safety unit Over current ELB, independent overheat preventive device, stop valve, emergency relief valve, vacuum valve filter regulator
Standards Internal size W512 x D315 x H155 mm/chamber
External size W1100 x D1100 x H1400 mm
Bottom surface effective size W380 x D300 x H155 mm
Exhaust port NW50 flange
Air supply port Rc1/2
Power supply 3 phase AC200V 50/60 Hz 22A (excluding vacuum pump power supply)
Compressed air 0.5 Mpa or more, φ6 mm tube coupler is used.

Internal chamber

At the start of vacuum process
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