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Chiller for Dicing Saw Machine

This Chiller is supplying cooling water or chemical coolant for IC packaging Dicing Saw machine.

YY-383 model have built in pH meter and Filter system. pH meter makes easy to keep required pH range with built-in three chemical tanks operate from pH adjustment switch in front panel. Filter system removes cutting fine dust. Also, this system is re-circulating system. YY-383S model is drain system type which water supply from facility utility and cooling water out to Dicing Saw. After cutting water goes to facility drain.

YY-383 YY-383S
Operating Temperature Range
4deg.C to 10deg.C 4deg.C to 20deg.C
Main Tank Capacity
100 L
Chemical Tank
40L × 3 Tanks None

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  • pH control (By means of pH monitoring and built-in three chemical Tank)
  • Filter system
  • Stable output Temperature
  • Use R-407C Freon (ISO 14001 compliance)
  • Large capacity main Tank (100 L)
  • Automatic safety operation by PLC

  YY-383 YY-383S
External material Cold-rolled steel sheet with melamine resin baked-painting
Painting color YSC standard color (DIC-G-61)
Temperature range 4deg.C to 10deg.C 4deg.C to10deg.C (depend on supply water temp.)
Temperature cooling time 60 min (from 25deg.C to 4deg.C)
Temperature controller Digital setting, digital indication (PID control)
Temperature sensor Pt 100
Refrigerator 1.5 kw 2.25 kw
Cooling unit Stainless steel pipe cooling unit
Refrigerant R-407C (ISO 140001 compliance)
Pump Immersible pump
pH meter and electrode Coolant concentration measurement -
Float switch Lead-type liquid surface switch
Pressure gauge Pressure gauge with the contact switch
Integration flow-meter Digital display flow meter
Water inlet 12 mm dia. tube connector (with hand valve and solenoid valve)
Coolant or water outlet 12 mm dia. tube connector
Coolant return inlet 40 mm dia. tube connector -
Drain PVC pipe fitting (with hand valve)
Main tank PVC, 100 L
Filter 50 to 100 micron filter (2 Filter) -
Chemical tank (Three tanks) PVC, 40 L (each tank) -
External dimensions W 900×D 1200×H 1500mm
Type Re-circulation Drain
pH control OK None
Filter system OK None
Control Panel
Pressure gauge Analog pressure gauge with upper limit contact
Pressure range : 0~1.0MPa Accuracy : ±1%
Temperature controller Digital setting, digital indication (PID control)
pH meter and electrode Digital setting, digital indication
System control Controlled by Programmable controller (PLC)
Timer 99hours 59min (arbitrarily set)
Emergency stop switch Mushroom type lock switch
Lamps Alarm lamps(Temperature, pH, Refrigerator, Pump) opening/stop lamps, Signal tower etc.
Over current Protect by Circuit breaker
pH condition Upper limit alarm contact of pH controller with upper-limit contact is connected , and Lower limit alarm contact of pH controller with upper-limit contact is connected.
Refrigerator Protect by Thermal relay
Pump Protect by Thermal relay and Level sensor
Hi pressure By pressure gauge upper limit contact
Tank level low By Tank level sensor
Short circuit breaker Short circuit/over current has occurred, the power supply is turned off.
Required Utility
Power supply AC200/220/380V, 3-phase 50/60Hz, 5 KVA AC200/220/380V, 3-phase 50/60Hz, 7 KVA
Water supply From facility

Back View *Main Tank *Three Chemical Tank for pH Control
YY-383/383S Back View YY-383 Main Tank YY-383 Three Chemical Tank for pH Control
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