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Post Filling Clean Conveyor Oven

On the conveyor area are CLASS 100 condition. And LCD touch panel operation.

Operating temp. range
60deg.C to 150 deg.C
Temp. Adjustment Accuracy
±5deg.C (at150deg.C)
Degree of Clean
Class 100
Conveyance Speed
0.85min/170mm to 3.5min/170m
Total Process Time
30 to 120min

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  • This equipment is used for continuous heat-treating for the cassette which carried the liquid crystal(LCD) cell under the CLASS100 clean condition.
    This equipment consists of a stainless steel mesh conveyor system which enables connection and continuation conveyance of a cassette, and a whole control system in the main part equipment which have 4 temperature control zones which make proper curing possible, and these zones.
    Moreover, the clean cure system by which the environment of the degree CLASS 100 of cleanness is acquired on a conveyor is adopted.

Air circulation Forced air circulation type (Down flow)
Operating temperature range 60deg.C to 150deg.C
Temperature uniformity accuracy ±5deg.C(at 150deg.C)
Work conveyance speed 0.85min/170mm to 3.5min/170mm variable(Adjustable). It makes the value that presets 4 pieces of speed.

Work conveyance condition

Cassette conveyor -- The amount of cassette receipt 66cells/cassette,
Cassette size -- 145(W)×145(D)×50(H)mm
Total process time Standard 60 minutes (30 minutes to 120 minutes adjustable)
Cassette processing ability Standard 145 cassettes/h (1 cassette 66 cell) Cell about 1,200,000 sheets/135h (1 week)
External material Cold-rolled steel plate, melamine resin baking finish
Internal material Stainless steel plate,
Heat insulating material Glass wool, t=75 mm
Maintenance checking door 6 places should cling to main part one side(W500×H300 mm) Door removal possible
HEPA filter exchange door 5 places should cling to the main part upper position
Air blower Sirocco FAN -- Motor AC200V, 3 phase, 400W×4 pcs, 750W×2 pcs
Heater Stainless pipe heater (each zone 1 circuit, total 3 circuit)
(1) Full power heating zone : 15 KW
(2) Cure heating zone : 7.2 KW
(3) Designated cooling zone : 3.6 KW


Low pressure lose HEPA filter Quantity of the standard wind, 15m3/min -- sheet

Exhaust port

φ200 They are 4 places a chamber outside -- Each part exhaust adjustment damper

Conveyance width

640 mm

Span of conveyance

7400 mm

Conveyance conformation

Conveyance processing method by a clean mesh conveyor.
Conveyance with a palette direct every career roller
* Chain rail quality of the material : Stainless
* Tail pulley quality of the material : Stainless
* Career roller : Stainless


Inverter control
LCD touch panel Display, setting, and operation by the color LCD touch panel. The temperature setting possibility
(8 kinds) in terms of the kind by the recipe. (8 recipe memory)
PLC Control of the chamber and conveyor by PLC
Temperature sensor K type thermocouple (Double element)
Signal tower Green -- Operation, Yellow -- Standby, Red -- Error with alarm
Temperature monitor output Each zone 1 point -- total 4 points
Internal dimensions 830(W)×5,800(L)×600(H) mm
External dimensions 1,450(W)×7,440(L)×1,580(H) mm
Power supply AC 380V 50/60Hz 3 phase 36KVA
Safety Equipment
Safety Protect the machine from leakage,short circuit and over-current. Air blower motor protection, Overheat protection, Temperature upper limit alarm, Temperature rise abnormal alarm, Conveyor motor protection,Tact over alarm,HEPA filter alarm.
Emergency stop switch Heater, Blower motor and Conveyor

Control panel YY-384 Rear View
YY-384 Control Panel
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