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Autoclave for dispersing (purging) air bubble LCD

YYK-750S This autoclave disperses(purges) air bubbles in cell panels after polarizer aligningprocess in LCD product line. The system is Bach-type autoclave.Operation conditions such as temperature, air pressure and process time arechangeable.The chamber is made of for rust protection.

750 900S
Operating Temperature Range
Max. 70deg.C
Inner Dimension
ø750×850mm ø900×900mm

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  • No overshooting
  • Can get perfect uniformity
  • Three kinds of method
    1) At first pressure raise, after that Temperature raise
    2) At the same time pressure and Temperature raise
    3) At first Temperature raise, after that Pressure raise
  • Can adjustable exhaust speed
  • Can adjust ramping temperature
  • Any chamber size is available upon customer's requirement (from 350 up to 1800mm I.D.)

Model YYK-750S YYK-900S
Drum Chamber
Inner dimension
(Effective inside dimensions)
ø750×850L mm ø900×900L mm

Stainless Steel Inside surface shall be finished by polishing

Standard Certified as Class-2 pressure container
Pressure Pressure-resistant : 0.5Mpa (Optional: 0.9 Mpa)
Hydraulic test pressure : 1.35Mpa
Temperature Range Max. Operating temperature : 70deg.C
Temperature Uniformity Less than ±3deg.C at 50deg.C (with Sample Load)
Medium Dry air (Pressure : Operating in drum +0.05MPa or Higher)
Temperature Sensor output 5 points Temperature output terminal
Type One-door type
Material Stainless Steel Inside surface shall be finished by polishing
Opening/Closing system Easily engaged/disengaged manual clutch
Control Panel
Pressurizing system Controlled with pressure controller, regulators and solenoid valves
Heating system Sheath heater with PID control
Stirring system Agitation method by sirocco Fan (Water-Cooling is not required for shaft sealing section) Free-maintenance
Pressure gauge Analog pressure gauge with upper limit contact
Pressure range : 0 to 1.0MPa Accuracy : ±1%
Temperature controller Digital setting, digital indication (PID control)
Pressure controller Digital setting, digital indication (ON/OFF control)
System control Controlled by Programmable controller (PLC)
Working hour timer 99hours 59min (arbitrarity set)
Emergency stop switch Mushroom type lock switch
Lamps Alarm lamps(Temperature, Pressure) Door lock, opening/closing lamps Heater ON lamp, Signal tower
Door opening/closing Door indicator lamps (Door position is detected by 1 set of limit switch and 1 set of proximity switch)
Pressure excessive rise Upper limit alarm contact of pressure gauge with upper-limit contact is connected , and safety valve blows off pressurized air. (Over pressure lamp lights and buzzer sounds. Heater is turn off and pressurized air is automatically exhausted.)
Overheat Detected by upper limit alarm output of temperature controller.
(Over pressure lamp lights and buzzer sounds. Heater is turn off and pressurized air is automatically exhausted.)
Confirmation of automatic
exhaust completion
Non-pressure lamp and end lamp on the operation panel light and signal tower lamp goes out.
(Detected by pressure sensor and timer.)
Short circuit breaker Short circuit/ over current has occurred , the power supply is turned off.
Required Utility
Power supply AC200/220/380V, 3-phase
50/60Hz 12 KVA
AC200/220/380V, 3-phase
50/60Hz 13 KVA
Pressure piping size 15A (Equipped with air filter, mist separator)
Exhaust piping size 20A (Automatically exhausted and manually exhausted and equipped with silencer)
External dimensions 1,200(W)×1,462(D)×1,771(H) mm 1,400(W)×1,515(D)×1,721(H) mm
Shelf rest step number Custom made
Shelf rest pitch Custom made
Weight Approx. 800 kg Approx. 900 kg

Control panel *Interior
YYK-750S/900S Control panel YYK-750S/900S Interior
YYK-750S Open
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