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Laboratory Facilities
Clean Room and Germ-free Facilities

Bio-clean room Industrial clean room Protection facilities against chemicals
High-precision, clean air environment will greatly contribute to reliability and safety of production lines and quality control facilities in all industrial fields including research & development facilities. YAMATO SCIENTIFIC meets the needs for the "optimal environment" including related instruments with our system technologies.
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Industrial clean Cleanliness level Bio-clean
Semiconductor elements, integrated chips, liquid crystals, discs, condensers, miniature bearings, highly-reliable components for satellites, thin film circuits, etc. Class 10
or below
  • Pharmaceutical industry:
    Injection medicine, pills, instillation, production process of medical instruments and inspection of antibiotics, etc.
  • Medical industry:
    Operation room, special patient's room, newborn babies' room, clinical laboratory, sterilized animal room, etc.
Class 100
Production process of optical lens, optical transmission assembly, facsimile, plastic lens, etc. Class 1,000
Production process of electronic components, computers, electronic measuring instruments, color TV, etc.
Production process of micro-motors, bearings, watches, VCRs.
Class 10,000
  • Food industry:
    Meat, brewed products, food process for snack foods, etc.
  • Agriculture & livestock industry:
    Vegetation of mushrooms, breeding animals for bacteria-free meat, cultivating vegetables, production of agricultural chemicals, cultivation, etc.
Production & assembly lines of optical instruments, photo films, watches, cameras, precision ceramic bearings, small relays, gyroscopes, vacuum tubes, vinyl, synthesized resin, etc. Class 100,000
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