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Fume Hood (Standard Type)

Fume hood with fixed exhaust air volume

  • Main unit is made of steel, chemical resistant powder coating applied, excellent fire resistance
  • Non-asbestos, non-combustible veneer interior with excellent chemical and heat resistance
  • Storage can be located in the lower base
  • Equipped with multi-slit baffle to efficiently exhaust harmful gas in the fume hood
  • Safety features include door drop prevention stopper, ventilator delay timer and exhaust blower activation monitor
  • Selectable air speed meter, which digitally displays the front air speed and exhaust air volume (option)
  • Outlets and switches are located at an easy operating height
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Common specification
Exterior Cold-rolled steel plate
Interior Non-asbestos and non-combustible decorative board 
(Baffle plate: multi slit system)
Working surface  Ceramitite (S)
Glass door Tempered glass 6mm, Balance weight 
Water faucet Single type  1pc
Socket Single-phase AC100V 15A 
Fluorescent lamp 120/150 model  32W 1pc
180 model 40W 1pc
Safety mechanism Door falling prevention stopper, Exhaust delay timer, flow monitor
Option Blower, Gas valve, LDX anemometer, LED light, Safety mechanism, Working surface (Epoxy, Stainless)

Individual Specification
Model LDS-120 LDS-150 LDS-180
Exterior dimension W1,200mmxD750 x H2,400mm W1,500mmxD750 x H2,400mm W1,800mmxD750 x H2,400mm
Weight Approx. 290kg Approx. 330kg Approx. 370kg
Exhaust capacity 12m3/min 16m3/min 19m3/min
Tank static pressure 30Pa(3mm H2O) 59Pa(6mm H2O) 79Pa(8mm H2O)

Window open:
Efficient Exhaust with constant
airvelocity at front opening
Window open:
Front air velocity is faster.
Exhaust air volume is controlled
by air bypass at top gallery


Optional items
Blower Model: YND-202 specification
Material Impeller : FRPP
Casing: FRP
Stand: FC200
Motor 3-phase, 200V, 0.25kW, 4P
Operating Temp. -10 to 50deg.C
Chemical Resistant Suitable for Acid, Inorganic Acid, Organic Acid (Except Chromic Acid and Hydro Fluoric Acid),
Alkaline: Suitable for Alkaline such as Low Concentration caustic Soda
Activator: Suitable for Low temp. chemicals such as Acetaldehyde, Aniline, Formaldehyde

Anemometer, Model: LDX Working surface (Trespa)

Air speed meter Working surface (Stainless)
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