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Muffle Furnaces

Temperature Range
100deg.C to 1,150deg.C
Temperature Control Accuracy
±1.0deg.C ( at 1,150deg.C)
Internal Capacity
1.5 to 11.3 L
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  • Contamination of samples is prevented due to high quality alumina ceramic hot plate and heater is not exposed in the furnace.
  • Automatic start/stop, and program operation are available.
  • Self diagnosis function, independent overheating prevention device, key lock function equipped.
  • Variegated options are available, including a N2 gas inlet, a predetermined elapsed time output terminal, an external alarm terminal, and an independent superheating preservation circuit.

Model FP102 FP302 FP312 FP412
Operating temperature range 100 to 1,150deg.C
Temp. control accuracy (JTM K05) ±1.0deg.C(at 1,150deg.C)
Temp. fluctuation (JIS) ±1.0deg.C(at 1,150deg.C)
Temp. distribution accuracy (JTM K05) ±4.0deg.C(at 1,150deg.C)
Temp. gradient (JIS) 14deg.C(at 1,150deg.C)
Max. temp. reaching time Approx.90min. Appox.80min.
Exterior material Cold rolled steel plate with baked-on melamine resin finish
Furnace material Ceramic fiber
Sensor R-thermocouple
Heater Iron-chrome wire heater
1.1 kW 2.4 kW 3.25 kW
Exhaust port 20 mm I.D. (upper part)
Cooling fan 19/16W ( 50/60Hz)
Temp. controller PID control by microprocessor
Temp. and timer setting method Digital setting with up/down key
Temp display method Setting temp. display: Digital display by orange LED
Chamber temp. display: Digital display by green LED
Operation function Fixed temperature operation, Automatic-start, Automatic-stop,
Program operation (Max.99 steps, 99 patterns, repeat operation)
Additional function Actual time (max. 24 Hrs.), Integration time (max. 65535Hrs.),
Clock, Calibration off-set, Power consumption/
CO2 discharge/Heater operation amount monitor display
Power failure recovery mode, User setting information save and recall
Timer 0 min. to 99 Hrs. 59 min. 
Heater circuit control Triac zero cross method
 Safe Device
  Self diagnosis functions (Temp. sensor, Heater, Triac, Relay, Automatic overheating prevention), Key lock function, Independent over heating prevention, Electric leakage breaker.
Internal dimensions (mm) 100×150×100 200×250×150 300×250×150
External dimensions (W×D×Hmm) 376×404×515 446×504×567 506×504×625
Internal capacity 1.5L 7.5L 11.3L
Power source AC 100V AC 100V Single phase AC 200V Single phase AC200V
11.5A (15A) 24.5A (30A) 12.5A(15A) 16.5A (20A)
Weight Approx.29kg Approx.43kg Approx.51kg
Accessories Exhaust port cap, Temperature fuse, Hearth plate

Control Panel Interior

9 Points distribution reference data
Measure Points 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Temperature 1150.0 1150.4 1147.0 1147.6 1145.2 1146.2 1144.4 1145.7 1146.6


1. Measure points are the points at 1/10 distance (minimum 50mm) from the wall and the center point

2. Room. Temp 23deg.C, AC200V, 50Hz, Temp. setting 1150deg.C at stable condition

3. No load

Optional Items
Description Model No. Code
Exhaust unit, 100V FP102, 302 214160
Exhaust unit, 200V FP312, 412 214161
Time up output terminal FP Series 214168
External alarm terminal (Record/Monitor Inner chamber temp.) FP Series 214167
Temp. output terminal (4-20mA, Record/Monitor Inner chamber temp.) FP Series 214166
N2 gas inlet system with flow meter  FP102 214162
FP302, 312 214163
FP412 214164
Sample tray FP Series 281310
External Communication Adapter (RC485) FP Series 211880
Hearth plate  90 x 145mm  5pcs FP102 214157
Hearth plate 190 x 245mm 5pcs FP302, 312 214158
Hearth plate 290 x 245mm 5pcs FP412 214159
External communication terminal (RS485) FP Series 214165
Operation signal output terminal FP Series 214169
Event output terminal FP Series 214170

Exhaust unit (option)

Gas which generated due to the increase of temperature
in the furnace will be quickly exhausted

Duct: Flexible duct, aluminum type
Length: 1.5m
50mm diameter
Power of exhaust device :
AC100V 0.27A Single phase AC200V 0.15A

Sample Tray

Dimension drawing (mm)
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