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Heating Block

  • Quick Heat Up
  • The more precise Temp. Adjustment Accuracy (±0.2deg.C) with Calibration Off-Set Function.
  • 10 types Aluminium Block

100 200
Operating temp. range
+5deg.C to +200deg.C

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Model HF100 HF200
Operating Temp. Range Room Temp. +5 to 200deg.C
Temp. Adjustment Accuracy ±0.2deg.C (at 200deg.C, at using 16.5Φtesting tube)
Time to Reach to Max. Temp. Approx. 30min. (Room Temp. 23deg.C) Approx. 35min. (Room Temp. 23deg.C)
Loadable Block Aluminium Block 1pc. Aluminium Block 2pcs.
Temp. Control PID Control by Digital Controller
Temp. Sensor Pt Sensor, Pt100Ω
Temp. Setting/Display Digital Setting, Min. Indication Unit 0.1deg.C
Function Fixed. Temp. Operation, Quick Automatic Stop Timer Operation, Automatic Stop Timer Operation, Automatic Start Timer Operation
Heater Mica Heater 370W Mica Heater 600W
Safety Device
Safety Countermeasures Over Current / Electric Leakage Breaker, Automatic Overheat Prevention (Main Relay Shut Down at Setting Temp. + 12deg.C, Manual Recovery) Independent Overheat Preventor (Manual Recovery Type Bimetal, Reaction Temp. Approx. 230deg.C)
Other Function Key Lock Function, Calibration Off -Set Function, Breakout Protection Function
Bath Dimensions W112 x D112 x H70mm W222 x D112 x H70mm
External Dimensions W230 x D310 x H139mm W340 x D310 x H139mm
Power AC100V, 50/60Hz, 3.8A AC100V, 50/60Hz, 6.1A
Weight Approx. 5kg Approx. 6.5kg
Accessory Handle for Aluminium Block Loading /Unloading

Control panel

Optional items
Description Model No. Product Code
Aluminium Block OBH80, 0.5ml Micro Tube, 48 tubes HF Series 213173
Aluminium Block OBH82, 1.5ml Micro Tube, 36 tubes HF Series 213174
Aluminium Block OBH84, 12mm Test Tube, 36 tubes HF Series 213181
Aluminium Block OBH86, 15mm Test Tube, 25 tubes HF Series 213182
Aluminium Block OBH88, 16.5mm Test Tube, 25 tubes HF Series 213183
Aluminium Block OBH90, 18mm Test Tube, 20 tubes HF Series 213184
Aluminium Block OBH92, 21mm Test Tube, 12 tubes HF Series 213175
Aluminium Block OBH94, 24mm Test Tube, 12 tubes HF Series 213176
Aluminium Block OBH96, 25mm Test Tube, 12 tubes HF Series 213185
Aluminium Block OBH98, 30mm Test Tube, 8 tubes HF Series 213177
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