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Nitrogen Gas Generator

High purity N2 gas (99-99.99%) can be generated by PSA method.

N2 Gas Purity
Generating Volume
Max. 10L/min
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  • All automatic easy operation with just pressing the switches.
  • Space-saving design.
  • High-purity (99-99.99%) and Dry (–60deg.C or less) N2 gas can be obtained.
  • Equipped with high reliability compressor.
  • Standard equipped casters can easy transport.
  • Applications sample: LC/MS FTIR ICP/MS, column drying, concentration of extraction liquid, storage cabinet humidity control etc.

Product code 301031
Model NF300
Method Adsorbent PSA Method
Performance N2 Gas Purity 99 - 99.99% * 
N2 Gas Generating Volume Max. 10NL/min
N2 Gas Pressure 0.05 - 0.3MPa
N2 Gas Dew Point -60deg.C
Surrounding Temp. / Humidity Temp. 5 - 35deg.C / 10 - 80%RH (No Condensation)
Function Flow Meter 0.5 - 10.0NL/min, Mass flow meter
N2 Gas Circulation Port O.D. 6mm, One-touch fitting
N2 Gas Sampling Port 0.3MPa, 200mL/min (Rc 1/4)
Maintenance Announcement 4000 Hrs. / 8000 Hrs.
Input / Output Operation output / Error output / Remote input
External Dimension W400×D400×H850mm 
Weight 73kg
Compressor Power Consumption 50Hz: 288W   60Hz: 336W
Power Source AC100V (50/60Hz)  3.9/4.2A (15A)

* N2+Ar levels
* The amount of N2 gas may decrease due to surrounding temperature and humidity.
* To reach the specified N2 gas purity, it may take 2 to 3 hours from the start of operation to stabilization.

Simple operation *Pressure adjustment
   /Flow rate adjustment/Flow meter

Input output terminal *N2 Gas Sampling Port (Rc 1/4 )

*Relationship between Flow rate and N2 Gas purity

Reaching time of the specified N2 Gas purity
N2 Gas Reaching time When stable
99% -> 99.9% 0.5 Hour 1.0 Hour
99.9% -> 99.99% 1.0 Hour 2.0 Hour
99% -> 99.99% 2.0 Hour 4.0 Hour
99% -> Stop -> 99% - 0.5 Hour
99.9% -> Stop -> 99.9% - 0.5 Hour
99.99% -> Stop -> 99.99% - 1.0 Hour

Example of installing with Clean oven Model: DT300

Example of installing with Clean oven Model: DT300

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