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Forced Convection Ovens with Air Curtain

  • Directly put hands into the chamber to work
  • Wide Opening
  • With RS232C I/F. Remote Controllable by Personal Computer
  • It’s loaded with Econo-Cover which can improve Temp. Distribution Accuracy and Temp. Rising Time
213A 2D
Operating Temperature Range
-15 to +60 deg.C -30 to +80 deg.C
Air Curtain
2 layers 3 layers
Internal Capacity
134 L 300 L
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Model OTC-213A OTC-2D
Type Air Curtain Type (2 layers) (Double Stream) Air Curtain Type (3 layers) (Triple Stream)
Setting Temp. Range -15 to +60deg.C (without Econo-cover) -30 to +80deg.C (with Econo-cover)
Time to Reach Approx. within 30min. from +25 to -15deg.C
Approx. within 20min. from +25 to +60deg.C
Approx. within 60min. from +25 to -25deg.C
Approx. within 30min. from +25 to +80deg.C
Temp. Control Type 3-step changeable of cooling capability 5-step changeable of cooling capability by 2 freezers
Below +10deg.C: Strong Freezing and Heater Below +10deg.C: 2 Freezers and Heater
+10 to 40deg.C: Soft Freezing and Heater +10 to 40deg.C: 1 Freezer and Heater
+41 to 60deg.C:Heater +41 to 80deg.C:Heater
Temp. Control PID Control by Microcomputer
Temp. Sensor Pt Resistance Thermometer
Temp. Setting Type Digital Setting Touch Panel Input on LCD Display
Temp. Display Type Digital Display 7 segments Display on LCD Display
Operating Function Fixed Setting Operation, Automatic defrost mode Fixed Operation, Automatic or Manual defrost mode, Repeat Function, 16 steps setting for Temp. and Time(1 to 990min.)
Additional Function N/A Total Operation Hours Timer (to99,999.9hrs.)
External Interface RS232C (Communication Function such as Temp. Setting, RUN/STOP, Temp. Monitor)
Refrigerator/Coolant Scroll Compressor/R404A, 750kW Rotary Type/R404A, 1.1kW x 2
Heater Capacity 1.4kW 3.0kW
Chamber Lightning 15W (Incandescent Light)
Cable Hole I.D. 60mm
Safety Device
Safety Countermeasures Abnormal Overheat Preventor, Abnormal High Pressure Preventor for Compressor, Short-circuit Breaker, Motor Breaker, Emergency Stop Switch
Internal Dimensions W670 x D500 x H400mm W810 x D600 x H600mm
External Dimensions W750 x D880 x H1,500mm W1,130 x D1,100 x H1,700mm
Internal Capacity 134L 300L
Power (50/60Hz) 3-phase, AC200V, 20A 3-phase, AC200V, 20A
Weight Approx. 180kg Approx. 470kg
Accessory N/A Econo-cover

*Dimension (mm)

Optional Items
Description Model No. Product Code
Dot type recorder for 2D) OTC Series 200000
Shelf with support 1pc (for 213A) OTC Series 200000
Shelf with support 1pc (for 2D) OTC Series 200000
Econo cover (for 213A) OTC Series 200000
Working counter (for 213A) OTC Series 200000
Working counter (for 2D) OTC Series 200000
Operation display light pole (for 2D) OTC Series 200000
Extension drain hose 2m (for both models) OTC Series 200000
Exhaust duct fan (for 2D) OTC Series 200000
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