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Industrial & Laboratory Fine Ovens
(With high accuracy temperature control and exhaust damper)

DF412/612 & DH412/612

Highly reliable accuracy oven with simple settings for various temperature characteristics test that require complicated programming.

Operating temp. range
Room temp. + 15 to 260deg.C(DF)
/Room temp. + 15 to 360deg.C(DH)
Temp. distribution accuracy
±1.5deg.C (at 260deg.C) (DF)
/±2.5deg.C (at 360deg.C) (DH)
Internal capacity
91L / 216L
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  • Simple Operation by Interactive Key Input.
  • Operation Monitor visualizes Controller Status, Temp and Temp. Changing.
  • Incorporates with maximum 99 steps, 99 patterns program controller with repeat function.
  • Loaded with Total Operation Hours Timer.
  • Exhaust damper allows quick exhaust and cooling of inside.
  • Accumulated timer function useful for maintenance and management is equipped as standard.
  • Cable port useful for a monitor for temperature during testing is equipped as standard.

Product code 211780 211781 211782 211783
Model DF412 DF612 DH412 DH612
System Forced convection and ventilation
Performance Operating temp. range Room temp. + 15 to 260deg.C Room temp. + 15 to 360deg.C
Temp. control accuracy (JTM K05) ±0.1deg.C(at 260deg.C) ±0.2deg.C(at 360deg.C)
Temp. fluctuation (JIS) ±0.5deg.C(at 260deg.C) ±1.0deg.C(at 360deg.C)
Temp. distribution accuracy (JTM K05) ±1.5deg.C(at 260deg.C) ±2.5deg.C(at 360deg.C)
Temp. gradient (JIS) ±10deg.C(at 260deg.C) ±12deg.C(at 360deg.C)
Time to attain max. temp. Approx. 50 min. (to 260deg.C) Approx. 60 min. (to 360deg.C)
Temp. control system PID control with a micro computer
Temp. and time setting system Digital Setting by UP/DOWN Key
Timer display range Fixed value operation for 1 min. to 99 hr 59 min. and 24hr. setting
Operation and manipulation functions Fixed temp., Auto-start, Auto-stop, Quick auto stop, program (Max.99 steps, 99 patterns, repeat) 
Additional functions Calendar timer (max. 24 Hrs.), Integration time (max. 65535Hrs.), Clock, Calibration off-set, Display the amount of Power consumption/CO2 discharge/Heater operation amount, Power failure recovery mode, User setting information save and recall, Wind velocity changeable function
Sensor Double K-thermocouple
Heater Stainless pipe heater with a fan
Nominal heater capacity 2.1kW 3.0kW 2.7kW 3.75kW
Blower fan (motor) Axial flow fan (capacitor motor: 20W)
Cable port I.D. 33 mm (rear)
Heat insulator Glass wool
Other additional mechanism Exhaust damper (manual)
Safety device Self diagnosis functions(Sensor, Fan, Heater, Relay, Triac, Automatic overheat prevention), Independent overheat prevention, Key lock function, Electric leakage breaker, Door switch
Standards Internal dimensions (mm)(WxDxH) 450×450×450 600×600×600 450×450×450 600×600×600
External dimensions (mm)(WxDxH) 1,050×630×850 1,200×780×1000 1,050×630×850 1,200×780×1000
Internal volume 91L 216L 91L 216L
Withstand load of shelf board 30 kg/unit
No.of shelf stages/peg pitch 9 stages/45 mm 9 stages/60 mm 9 stages/45 mm 9 stages/60 mm
PS (50/60) Hz rated current Single phase AC200V 11A (15A) Single phase AC200V 16A (20A) Single phase AC200V 14A (20A) Single phase AC200V 20A (30A)
Weight Approx. 112 kg Approx. 156 kg Approx. 112 kg Approx. 156 kg
Accessories Shelf Stainless wire
2 3 2 3
Shelf support 4 6 4 6

Internal chamber Control panel

Temperature rising curve

Dimensional drawing (unit: mm)

Optional items
Remark Description Model No. Product Code
  Stand OP43 (without caster) DF/DH 412 415464
  Stand OP63 (without caster) DF/DH 612 415465
  Stand OP46 (with front side caster with stopper) DF/DH 412 415466
  Stand OP66 (with front side caster with stopper) DF/DH 612 415467
  Stacking support DF/DH Series 213700
  Stainless wire shelf (loading up to 30 kg/shelf)  DF/DH 412 211063
  Stainless wire shelf ( loading up to 30 kg/shelf) DF/DH 612 211064
  Stainless punching metal shelf (loading up to 15kg/shelf)  DF/DH 412 211098
  Stainless punching metal shelf (loading up to 15kg/shelf)  DF/DH 612 211099
  Stainless mesh basket shelf (loading up to 15 kg/shelf) DF/DH 412 212924
  Stainless mesh basket shelf (loading up to 15 kg/shelf) DF/DH 612 212925
Observation window (for DF Type only) DF 412 213701
Observation window (for DF Type only) DF 612 213702
Automatic damper : 5 steps : 5%-25%-50%-75%-100% DF/DH Series 213706
Exhaust duct (80mm dia) DF/DH 412 213703
Exhaust duct (80mm dia) DF/DH 612 213704
Flange for exhaust port DF/DH Series 281069
Emergency stop switch DF/DH 412 213708
Emergency stop switch DF/DH 612 213709
Recorder (6 points type) DF/DH Series 213707
Power cord, 8m. DF/DH 412 213710
Power cord, 8m. DF/DH 612 213711
External communication terminal (RS485) DF/DH Series 213712
External communication adapter set DF/DH Series 211880
Temperature output terminal (4-20mA) DF/DH Series 213713
Abnormal alarm display DF/DH Series 213714
Timeup Output Terminal DF/DH Series 213715
Operation Signal Output Terminal DF/DH Series 213716
Event Output Terminal DF/DH Series 213717
  Additional sensor (sheath sensor) DF/DH Series 212946
  Silicon plug (with one hole, for DF Type only) DF Series 212947
Cable port, 25mm dia (Top) DF/DH Series 213718
Cable port, 50mm dia (Top) DF/DH Series 213719
Cable port, 25mm dia (Rear) DF/DH Series 213720
Cable port, 50mm dia (Rear) DF/DH Series 213721
The item marked " ● " in the column of "Remark" shall be ordered together with the main unit.
Shelf (with 2 support)

Stainless Wire (Weight Tolerance 30kg/pc)

Stainless Punching Metal (Weight Tolerance 15kg/pc)

Stainless mesh basket shelf (loading up to 15kg/shelf)
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