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Industrial & Laboratory Inert Oven

411I 611I
Operating Temperature Range
Room temp. +15deg.C to 360deg.C
Temp. Distribution Accuracy
±.3.0deg.C (at 360deg.C)
Internal Capacity (L)
95 223

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  • Suitable for Curing Process in No Oxidation Environment.
  • Suitable for Heat Insulation Test and Curing Process up to 360deg.C.
  • Simple Operation by Interactive Key Input.
  • Operation Monitor visualizes Controller Status, Temp and Temp. Changing.
  • Incorporates with maximum 99 steps, 99 patterns program controller with repeat function.
  • Loaded with Total Operation Hours Timer.
  • N2 Gas Flow Amount Controllable.

Model DN411I DN611I
Convection Type Forced Convection
Operating Temp. Range Room Temp. +15 to 360deg.C
Temp. Adjustment Accuracy ±0.2deg.C (at 360deg.C)
Temp. fluctuation ±0.6deg.C (at 360deg.C)
Temp. Distribution Accuracy ±3.0deg.C (at 360deg.C)
Temp. Gradient 12deg.C (at 360deg.C) 20deg.C (at 360deg.C)
Time to Reach to Max. Temp. Approx. 60min.
Nitrogen Subtitution Time Required Approx. 30 mins
(ordinary temp with nitrogen concentration is 2%)
Approx. 70 mins
(ordinary temp with nitrogen concentration is 2%)
Interior / Heat Insulation Material Stainless Steel / Glass Wool + Ceramic Fibre
Heater SUS Pipe Heater 3.0kW SUS Pipe Heater 4.0kW
Fan Sirocco Fan, Condenser Type Motor 30W
Flow Meter, Gas Carrier Max. Flow 30L/min, O.D. 9mm Hose Nipple
Temp. Control Type PID Control by Micro Computer
Temp. Setting Type Digital Setting by UP/DOWN Key
Temp. Display Digital Indication by Green LED
Other Display Temp. Pattern Display for Operating Display by LED
Timer / Timer Resolution 1min. to 99hrs. 59min. or 100hrs. to 999hrs. / 1min. or 1hrs.
Operating Function Fixed Temp. Operation, Automatic Start, Automatic Stop, Quick automatic stop, Program Operation
Additional Function Calendar time(24 hours), Calibration Off Set Function, electricity consumption, CO2 discharge, Heater output operation display monitor, power failure return mode, user configuration information saving/summoning.
Heater Circuit Control / Sensor Triac Zero-cross Type / K-Thermocouple (Double Sensor)
Safety Device
Safety Countermeasure Self Diagnosis Function (Sensor, Heater, Fan, Triac, Main Relay, Automatic Overheat Prevention), Key Lock Function, Independent Overheating Prevention, Door Switch, Electric Leakage Breaker
Internal Dimensions W470 x D450 x H450mm W620 x D600 x H600mm
External Dimensions W640 x D695 x H915mm W790 x D845 x H1,065mm
Internal Capacity 95L 223L
Shelf Max. Load Approx. 30kg / shelf
Shelf Support Qty. / Pitch 12pcs. / 30mm 17pcs. / 30mm
Power 1-phase, AC200V, 50/60 Hz, 16A 1-phase, AC200V, 50/60 Hz, 21A
Weight Approx. 90kg Approx. 130kg

Control Panel Stand (Optional Item)

Overheat prevention N2 gas entrance port

Temp rise curve

N2 gas subtitution performance curve

9 points of distribution reference data
Model Top right back Top left back Top right front Top left front Bottom right back Bottom left back Bottom right front Bottom left front Center
DN411I 359 358 363 361 359 359 359 356 359
DN611I 361 357 362 357 359 355 350 350 357



1. Measure points are the points at 1/10 distance (minimum 50mm) from the wall and the center point
2. Room. Temp 23deg.C, AC200V, 50Hz, Temp. setting 360deg.C at stable condition
3. No load

Optional Item
Remark Description Product Code
  Stand OH41(for DN410H/I) 212477
  Stand OH61(for DN610H/I) 212478
  Stainless wire shelf (with support 2 pcs., loading up to 30 kg/shelf) for DN411H/I 211063
  Stainless wire shelf (with support 2 pcs., loading up to 30 kg/shelf) for DN611H/I 211064
  Stainless punching metal shelf (loading up to 15kg/shelf) for DN411H/I 211098
  Stainless punching metal shelf (loading up to 15kg/shelf) for DN611H/I 211099
  External Communication Adapter set 211880
Additional cable port, 25mm dia 281056
Additional cable port, 50mm dia 281057
External Communication terminal 212975
Temperature output terminal 212976
External alarm output terminal 212977
Time up output terminal 212978
Operation signal output terminal 212979
Event output terminal 212980

Inner tank

Dimensions (mm)

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