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Industrial Constant Temperature Ovens - Power Save, Forced Convection

Eco oven with power consumption cut by 50%, ultra-law power consumption type that supports multi power sources and of a silicon-free is added in the product lineup.

Operating temp. range
Room temp. +10 deg.C to 260 deg.C
Temp. distribution accuracy
+/-2 deg.C (at 260 deg.C)
Internal capacity

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  • An ultra energy saving eco oven with power consumption cut by 50% compared to the conventional model (DN).
  • Time required to attain the highest temperature has been shortened by up to 15 minutes (with no-load, our DN ratio). Shortened wait time and recovery time minimizes down time and makes work effective.
  • Highly hermetic bath construction prevents dusts or foreign matters from entering inside.
  • A silicon-free eco oven with its door packing of Viton (R) fluoroelastomer. (DNE650V/670V/850V)
  • This product supports multi power sources. It can be operated simply by connecting to either 100 to 120V(DNE650) or 200 to 240V(DNE670/850) power source.
  • Four-fold overheat preventive functions (automatic overheat prevention, heater room overheat prevention, overheat prevention in the bath, and temperature fuse) assure the optimal safety. The product also facilitates the self diagnostic function, the alarm history monitoring function, the key lock function and an over-current electric leakage breaker.
  • Abundant functions (external communication that supports RS485/FORWARD, external alarm, time-up, output on the logger) allow upgrading of the system according to the specific application.

Product code 212857 212881 212858 212882 212859 212883
Model DNE650 DNE650V DNE670 DNE670V DNE850 DNE850V
System Forced convection
Operating temp. range Room temp. +10 deg.C to 260 deg.C
Temp. adjustment accuracy +/-0.2 deg.C (at 260 deg.C)
Temp. distribution accuracy +/-2.0 deg.C (at 260 deg.C)
Time to attain max. temp. Approx. 65 min. Approx. 55 min.
Interior/external material Stainless steel plate/electrogalvanized steel (epoxy/melamine coated)
Heater/heat insulator SUS pipe heater, glass wool
Heater capacity 100 to 120V
1.56 to 2.16 kW
200 to 240V
1.56 to 2.16 kW
200 to 240V
2.7 to 3.88 kW
Fan Sirocco fan
Fan motor Condenser 10W 30W
Source voltage switching With the multi power source selector switch on the rear panel 30W
Cable port One port at the right side: I.D.30 mm
Door packing Silicon rubber Fluoroelastomer Silicon rubber Fluoroelastomer Silicon rubber Fluoroelastomer
Air supply port One on the side (heater room side)
Exhaust port I.D. 30 mm (with damper) One on the top
Controller CR5 Multi functional program controller
Heater control SSR control
Sensor K-thermocouple (in the bath and heater kiln)
Safety functions Self diagnostic function (temp. sensor error, heater disconnection, SSR short-circuit, automatic overheat prevention, and other functions of CR5), key lock, program lock, independent overheat protection within the bath, independent heater overheat prevention, over-current electric leakage breaker, temp. fuse
Other functions Standard functions: RS485 external communication (supports FORWARD), external alarm, time-up, and output on the logger
Power supply (50/60 Hz) Single phase: AC100 to 120V, 14 to 16.5A Single phase: AC200 to 240V, 7 to 8.5A Single phase: AC200 to 240V, 12.5 to 15A
Internal capacity 150L 300L
External dimensions*2 770 x 696 x 995 mm (W x D x H) 770 x 696 x 1,760 mm
(W x D x H)
Internal dimensions 600 x 500 x 500 mm (W x D x H) 600 x 500 x 1,000 mm
(W x D x H)
Equipment weight Approx. 90 kg Approx. 130 kg
Number of shelves Stainless steel punching metal x 2 Stainless steel punching metal x 4
Shelf loading Approx. 15 kg/each
Number of shelf steps/shelf pitch 13 steps/30 mm 29 steps/30 mm

*1 Conditions: temperature and humidity: 23 deg.C+/-5 deg.C, 65%RH+/-20% (no load)

*2 External dimensions do not include protrusions.

Control panel CR5
Major functions
Operation modes
1. Fixed operation
2. Fixed auto stop operation
3. Fixed quick auto stop operation
4. Fixed auto start operation
5. Program operation
6. Program auto start operation
Useful functions
Display switching during operation
Heater output operation amount display
Program name setting
Operation guide function, etc.

Internal bath Multi power source selector switch Cable port

DNE650: 100 to 110V/115 to 120V
DNE670/850: 200 to 220V/230 to 240V

Temp. rise curve (AC 200V at 23 deg.C) Temp. decrease time
Air supply/exhaust ports full open: at 23 deg.C, AC200V
260 deg.C to 40 deg.C
DNE650/670 235 min.
DNE850 217 min.

Dimensional drawing (mm)

Comparison of maintenance power of DNE650/670/850 with conventional products
Source voltage: AC100V, 200V/ 50Hz Room temp.: 23 deg.C
Unit: Wh
  Conventional products DNE650/670 Reduced amount (%) Conventional products DNE850 Reduced amount (%)
Room temp. to 50 deg.C Heating (1h) 268 135.9 -49.3 353 258 -26.9
Heating (3h) 573.8 280.5 -51.1 721 478.9 -33.6
Stable 150.7 72.8 -51.7 180 110.7 -38.5
Room temp. to 100 deg.C Heating (1h) 658.4 430.2 -34.7 823 591.1 -28.2
Heating (3h) 1456.2 793.6 -45.5 1870 1204.6 -35.6
Stable 398.8 181 -54.6 527 255.7 -51.5
Room temp. to 150 deg.C Heating (1h) 1008.1 692.4 -31.3 1372 965 -29.7
Heating (3h) 2291 1307.9 -42.9 3089 2038.4 -34.0
Stable 638.7 303.3 -52.5 858 385.2 -55.1
Room temp. to 210 deg.C Heating (1h) 1202.1 899.7 -25.2 1887 1552.9 -17.7
Heating (3h) 3242.4 1926 -40.6 4459 2866.2 -35.7
Stable 991.2 470.6 -52.5 1280 632.9 -50.6
Room temp. to 260 deg.C Heating (1h) - 934.2 - - 1901.4 -
Heating (3h) - 2455.6 - - 37050 -
Stable - 651.9 - - 892.6 -

Optional items
Remark Description Model No. Product Code
RS485-232C conversion adaptor DNE650/650V/670/670V/850/850V 281126
  Application software FORWARD DNE650/650V/670/670V/850/850V 281501
  Punching shelf/shelf peg DNE650/650V/670/670V/850/850V 212266
Cable port of I.D. 25mm DNE650/650V/670/670V/850/850V 281502
Cable port of I.D. 50mm DNE650/650V/670/670V/850/850V 281503
  RM hybrid recorder  DNE650/650V/670/670V/850/850V 281017
  PHR video chart recorder  DNE650/650V/670/670V/850/850V 281019
  T-thermocouple sensor for recorder 2m DNE650/650V/670/670V/850/850V 281554
  T-thermocouple sensor for recorder 2m (with calibration certificate) DNE650/650V/670/670V/850/850V 281555
ON62 Stand for DNE650/650V/670/670V DNE650/650V/670/670V 281540
  Stacking support for ODN12 DNE650/670 DNE650/670 281541
  Shelf (with support 2 pcs.) for DNE600/610/650/650V/670/670V/810/850/850V DNE650/650V/670/670V/850/850V 212266
External communication function (RS485) DNE650/650V/670/670V/850/850V 281027
External communication adapter (changeable to RS232C) DNE650/650V/670/670V/850/850V 281028
Temperature output terminal  DNE650/650V/670/670V/850/850V 281029
External alarm terminal  DNE650/650V/670/670V/850/850V 281030
Time-up output terminal DNE650/650V/670/670V/850/850V 281031
Individual alarm output terminal (4 points output) DNE650/650V/670/670V/850/850V 281032
Sample temperature monitoring terminal (max 3 terminals) DNE650/650V/670/670V/850/850V 281033
Sheath sensor for sample monitoring (K-thermocouple) DNE650/650V/670/670V/850/850V 281034
Wind velocity changeable function DNE650/650V/670/670V/850/850V 281036
1. The item marked " ● " in the column of "Remark" shall be ordered together with the main unit.
2. The transportation cost will not be required if the order is together with main unit except the item marked "○".
In case you order the item marked "○" together with the main unit, please ask Yamato to obtain the correct transportation cost.
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