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Laboratory Clean Ovens, Class100 / Compact type

DT300 with N2 gas injection unit and Stand (with caster) / DT300H with N2 gas injection unit and Exhaust valve (manual)

  • DT300 can maintain the cleanliness class 100 when the temperature is stable at 300deg.C.
  • DT300H can maintain the cleanliness class 100 in all heating conditions (stable, increase, decrease).
  • Equipped with various functions, including program operation (Max.99 steps, 99 patterns, repeat operation) is available.
  • Safety measures are enriched, including self-diagnosis function and an independent overheating prevention device.

High-performance type (Model:DT300H), which prevent the production of fine dust when the working temp. is stable, as well as when the temperature is going up or down.

300 300H
Operating Temperature Range
Room Temp. +20 to 300deg.C
Temp. Distribution Accuracy
(JTM K05)
(at 100deg.C)
(at 200/300deg.C)
(at 100deg.C)
(at 200deg.C)
(at 300deg.C)
Clean Level
Internal Capacity

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Model DT300 DT300H
Circulation method Forced air circulation
Operating temp. range Room temp. +20deg.C to 300deg.C
Temp. control
accuracy (JTM K05)
±0.3deg.C(at 300deg.C)
Temp. fluctuation (JIS) ±0.5deg.C(at 100/200deg.C) , ±1.0deg.C(at 300deg.C) 
Temp. distribution
(JTM K05)
±2.0deg.C(at 100deg.C)
±4.0deg.C(at 200/300deg.C)
±1.5deg.C(at 100deg.C)
±2.5deg.C(at 200deg.C)
±3.0deg.C(at 300deg.C)
Temp. gradient (JIS) 5deg.C(at 100deg.C)
10deg.C(at 200deg.C)
12deg.C(at 300deg.C)
3deg.C(at 100deg.C)
5deg.C(at 200deg.C)
7deg.C(at 300deg.C)
Max. temp.
reaching time
Approx. 150 min.
Clean level Class 100 (when the temp. is stable) Class 100 (constantly)
Interior material Stainless steel
Exterior material Cold rolled steel plate with melamine resin baking finish
Heat insulating
Glass wool
Heater Stainless pipe heater, 1.2kW
Fan type Sirocco fan, Condenser type motor 30W
pressure meter
Indicator type (tricolor)
Cable port 33 mm I.D. (right side)
Air in-take port 33 mm I.D. (right side)
Exhaust port 16 mm I.D. (R1/2, top side)
Filter Heat resistant HEPA filter High performance HEPA filter
(dust collect : more than 99.97% at 0.3μm )
Temp. controller PID control by micro processor
Temp. setting
Digital setting with UP/DOWN key
Temp display
Digital display
Other display Operation monitor (operation condition graphic display by LED patterns)
Timer 1 min. to 99 Hrs. 59 min
Operation function Fixed temp., Auto-start, Auto-stop, Quick auto stop, program (Max.99 steps, 99 patterns, repeat) 
Additional functions Calendar timer (max. 24 Hrs.), Integration time (max. 65535Hrs.), Clock, Calibration off-set,
Display the amount of Power consumption/CO2 discharge/Heater operation amount,
Power failure recovery mode, User setting information save and recall
Heater circuit control Triac zero-cross control
Temp. sensor K-thermocouple (double sensor)
 Safe Device
Safety countermeasures Self diagnosis functions(Sensor, Fan, Heater, Relay, Triac, Automatic overheat prevention),
Independent overheat prevention, Key lock function, Electric leakage breaker, Door switch
Internal dimensions W300xD300xH300mm
External dimensions W500xD720xH840mm
Internal capacity 27 L
Shelf loading Approx. 15 kg / pc
Shelf support  6 steps /30mm
Qty. / Pitch
Power source
Single-phase, AC100V, 13A(15A)
Weight Approx. 87 kg Approx. 86 kg
Shelf plate Stainless wire shelf
Shelf / Shelf
2 pcs/4 pcs

*1 Conditions: temperature and humidity: 23 deg.C+/-5 deg.C, 65%RH+/-20% (no load)
*2 External dimensions do not include protrusions.

Control Panel Interior

Cable Port 33 mm I.D. (right side)

Interior Structure

Example of installing with Nitrogen Gas Generator, Model: NF300

Optional items
Remark Description Option Model Model No. Product Code
  Stand ODE16 DT300 series 213430
  Stand with caster ODE18 DT300 series 213431
  Stacking Support ODE20 DT300 series 213432
  Fixing Support ODE22 DT300 series 213433
  Stainless wire shelf (with support 2 pcs., loading up to 15 kg/shelf) ODE24 DT300 series 213434
  Stainless mesh basket shelf (loading up to 15kg/shelf) ODE26 DT300 series 213435
Exhaust valve (manual) ODE28 DT300 series 213436
N2 Gas injection unit  ODE30 DT300 series 213437
Exhaust port for clean room (O.D. 80mm, duct is not included) ODE32 DT300 series 213438
  Additional Sensor (sheath sensor) ODT48 DT300 series 212946
  Silicon Plug (with one hole) ODT52 DT300 series 212947
External Communication Terminal (RS485) ODE34 DT300 series 213439
  External Communication Adapter Set OIN90 DT300 series 211880
Temperature Output Terminal (0-20mA) ODE36 DT300 series 213440
External Alarm Output Terminal ODE38 DT300 series 213441
Time-up Output Terminal ODE40 DT300 series 213442
Operation Signal Output Terminal ODE42 DT300 series 213443
Event Output Terminal ODE44 DT300 series 213444
The item marked "●" in the column of "Remark" shall be ordered together with the main unit.

Shelf (with 2 support)

Stainless wire shelf (Left) / Stainless mesh basket shelf (Right)

Stacking support and Stand with caster Stand
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