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Plasma Cleaner, Asher

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Plasma Reactor

DP Mode, Barrel Type
For Pre-Treatment of Asbestos Analysis
High Frequency Output : 0~300W

PR300 / 301
Oscillation Frequency Reaction Chamber
13.56MHz 3 Chambers -ø64x160mm (PR300)
13.56MHz 1 Chamber -ø118x160mm (PR301)

Wide Diameter, DP Mode, Barrel Type
High Frequency Output : 0~500W

PR500(Standard Model) /510(Mass Flow Meter Type)
Oscillation Frequency Reaction Chamber
13.56MHz  -ø215x305mm

For Various Testings and Cleanings
(for Substraits such as BGA, etc.)
High Frequency Output : 300W(PDC200)
High Frequency Output : 500W(PDC210)
High Frequency Output : 500W(PDC510)

PDC200 / 210 / 510
Stage  Chamber Dimensions
250x170mm 400Wx250Dx150Hmm(PDC200/210)
400x200mm 500Wx300Dx200Hmm(PDC510)

Small Type, Multi-Layers

PDC610 (Standard Model) / 610G (with CE Marking& FCC)
Stage  Chamber Dimensions
250x220mm 350Wx270Dx300Hmm

In-Line Plasma Cleaner

Plasma Mode Chamber Dimensions
RIE 344Wx230Dx45Hmm

Plasma Cleaner (Big Capacity)

V1000 / 1000X / 1000XS
Oscillation Frequency Effective Stage Dimensions
13.56MHz 280Wx280Dmm(V1000)
13.56MHz 300Wx300Dmm(V1000X)
13.56MHz 400Wx375Dmm(V1000XS)

Atmospheric Plasma Cleaner
Plasma Processing in Open Air Environment


Pre-Treatment Process for Asbestos Analysis

Other Model
Small size Batch Type Medium size Batch Type Large size Batch Type Automatic Type
(for BGA/CSP)
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