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Plasma Dry Cleaner

Compact multi stage plasma cleaner

Maximum output
Stage size
250 mm x 220 mm
1-stage, 2-stages, 3-stages selectable

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  • Maximum power of 600W with compact package
  • Electrodes can be switched among 1-stage, 2-stages, and 3-stages
  • Supports processing of a vertical magazine
  • RIE/DP modes selectable
  • Supports integrated data logger (optional)
  • Matching point memory function (optional)

  • Improvement of adhesiveness of various materials and surface reformation
  • Light ashing and light etching process
  • Pretreatment of implemented board bonding
  • Pretreatment of plastic package
  • Pretreatment of print board plating
  • Processing of LED related commercial products
  • Washing of electronic parts
  • Peeling of resist or removing residues after wetting process
  • Washing of accuracy parts including optical parts, dies, or machine parts
  • Reformation of resin surface including fluoro resin
  • Supports FCC

Product code 328216 299439
Model PDC610 PDC610G
Plasma mode RIE/DP
Electrode structure 3-stage independent parallel flat plates
High frequency output Max. 600W
Outgoing frequency 13.56 MHz
Control and display system Sequencer and touch panel
Chamber size 350 x 270 x 300 mm
Chamber material A5052
Reactive gas 2 systems (argon and oxygen)
Purge gas Nitrogen or dry air
Vacuum pump Rotary vacuum pump (Approx. 345 L/min)
External size 600 x 722 x 700 mm
Exterior material Stainless steel
Power supply 3-phase AC200 50/60 Hz 3-phase AC200-230V 50/60 Hz
Overseas standards FCC FCC/CE marking

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