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Plasma Cleaner

Barreled type large glass chamber

Plasma Mode
DP : Direct Plasma
Radio-Frequency Output
10 to 1000W
Oscillating Frequency
Chamber Size (mm)
o300 X 500D

Equipment Summary
This Plasma cleaner is made up composed of as follows ;
  • Reaction chamber
  • Matching box for taking adjust between
  • load and RF power
  • Reaction gas flow system (CF4 and O2)
  • PLC controller with Touch panel
  • Radio-frequency power supply (RF)
  • Vacuum pump
  • Purge gas system (N2)
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Model PR-1000
Main Unit
Chamber size ø300×500(D)mm
Chamber method Quartz glass
Electrode Condenser (4 division)
Plasma mode DP mode
Vacuum gauge Capacitance manometer T
Reaction gas system wo system (CF4, O2)
Main controller PLC controller
Display LCD color display and Touch panel (5.7 inch)
Door Manual open, swing type
External Dimension 700(W)×820(D)×1600(H)mm
Radio-Frequency Power Supply
Input voltage AC 200V 8A 50/60Hz
Radio-frequency output power 10 to 1000W
Reference oscillator Quartz oscillator
Oscillating frequency 13.56MHz
Output setting system Digital setting
Matching adjustment Automatic tuning
Vacuum Pump
Displacement 670L/min.
Input power supply 3 phase AC200V 11A 50/60Hz
Inlet Configuration NW40
Outlet Configuration NW40
Gas System
Purge gas N2
Reaction gas control Mass flow controller CF4 (F.S.300sccm)
O2 (F.S.300sccm)
System Protection of Equipment
  1. Protect over current, Built in protect over current of Vacuum pump, RF power supply and main unit
  2. Protect quartz oscillator, When matching unit have miss matching, Automatic RF power down and protect quartz oscillator
  3. Door panel inter lock, Built in inter lock switch
  4. External cover safety lock switch
  5. Emergency stop switch
System Protections by Software in PLC

  When occurred following conditions, Equipment stop and Error will display.

  1. In case of RF power is out of setting value.
  2. In case of gas flow (CF4, O2) is out of setting flow rate.
  3. In case of RFW power is over permission value.
  4. In case of Vacuum pressure does not reach within setting time.
  5. After finish plasma process, chamber does not become atmosphere.
Electric power supply 3 phase AC380V 20A 50/60Hz (Total system) with down transformer
CF4 gas 0.15 to 0.25Mpa
O2 gas 0.15 to 0.25Mpa
Pressure Air 0.4 to 0.6Mpa for driving air valve
Connecting size 1/4 swagelok
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