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Gas Plasma Etcher

The PR500/510 is a gas plasma device that is used widely for such applications as production of semiconductors and analysis work. It boasts outstanding operability and safety, with an automatic tuning system as a standard component and other features.

Barrel type of DP DP : direct plasma
High-frequency Output
Oscillating Frequency
Reaction Chamber
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  • It has a compact design, with a small-size HF generator and an oscillation section integrated with a portion of the chamber.
  • With the 215mm diameter large caliber chamber, the unit can process big testing samples.

Model PR500 PR510
Method Barrel type of direct plasma
Control part
High frequency output Max. 500W
Oscillating frequency 13.56 MHz
Output impedance 50Ω
Tuning method Automatic tuning
Instrument Output watt meter (0 to 600W)
Reflected wave watt meter (0 to 300W)
Vacuum gauge, thermocouple type
Flow meter, needle valve integrated type, 2 sets
Timer 0.1sec. to 999h
Gas inlet 1/4" stainless steel, 2 inlet
Power source (50/60Hz) AC 100/220V, single phase, 2 kVA
Reaction part
Reaction chamber Made of quarts, φ215×305mm
Electrode structure Condenser type, 4-way split
Control system Auto pressure reduction, auto leak valve Touch panel with PLC control
Piping material SUS, Teflon
External dimensions(W×D×Hmm) 438×520×760 520×630×760
Weight Approx. 38kg Approx. 60kg
Standard Accessories
Connection cable : 1 complete set
Vacuum grease : 1 pc.
O-ring for reaction chamber : 1 pc.
Optional Accessories
Frame for wafers, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 inches
Multipurpose angled frame
Aluminum etching tunnel, Stand

The gas plasma equipment has a wide range of applications from ashing, etching, dry cleaning, etc.
Control Panel

Reaction Chamber

With the 215mm diameter large caliber chamber

Operation Flowchart

Piping System Diagram
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