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Air Cooled Dry Pump
PK Series

A durable air-cooled pump with up to 3 years and beyond maintenance free significantly reduces cost. (3 year maintenance cycle is recommended for clean application such as pumping air or N2 )

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  • Maintenance Free
  • Non-Contacting internal components
  • Air Cooled Design
  • Hassle free and easy installation
  • Gas ballast mechanism allows water vapor evacuation
  • Exhaust port location selection is available for either top (vertical) or side (horizontal)

Specification / Model PK250 PK600 PK1000
Max. Pumping Speed (L/min)*1 250 600 1,000
Ultimate Pressure (Pa) *1 1.0
Power Source (50/60Hz)*2 1 Phase AC100-120V 3 Phase AC200-240V
1 Phase AC200-240V
3 Phase AC200-240V
Gas Ballast *3 Available (N2 or Air)
Max Allowable Moisture (g/h)*4 250 350 600
Inlet/Outlet port diameter (mm) NW25/NW25 NW40/NW25
Noise (dB(A)) *5 < 56 < 58 < 60
External Dimensions(WxDxHmm) 210x385x250
Weight (kg) 23 54 56
Accessories Silencer, Power cable 2m, Gas ballast valve, PTFE sealing,

*1) Value without gas ballast.
*2) The other voltage options are available.
*3) Gas ballast mechanism options are available for vapor gas applications.
*4) Maximum allowable amount with gas ballast mechanism fully open.
*5) Value with inlet port fully closed.

Example of installing
 By connecting Cooling trap and Vacuum pump,, optimum system can be constructed.

 PK250 with Vacuum oven Model: DP610, Cold trap Model: CA801
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