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Vacuum Oil Pumps, Compact Type

 PS-08 have been discontinued.

Compact and light weight thanks to direct connection to the motor.

Attainable vacuum (Pa)
9.3/6.7 x 10-2
Exhaust speed (50 Hz, L/min)
20 to 200

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  • Safe for continued operation with the integrated thermal protector.
  • Two-step exhaust system to attain high level vacuum. (Model PD)
  • Easy to transport. Also ideal for embedding into a unit.
  • Equipped with an oil stop valve. (PD53/139/204)
  • Large oil level gauge allows easy check of dirt. (PD53/PD139/204)
  • Supports multi voltages of 100 to 120V and 200 to 240V. (PD139/204)
  • Magnet coupling for no oil leakage from shaft seal and realized longer lifetime. Integrated check valve below the inlet port for backflow prevention. (PQ30/100)

Product code 242289 242284 242290 242222 242292 242293
Model PS-23 PQ-30 PD-53 PQ-100 PD-139 PD-204
Effective exhaust speed (50/60 Hz)(l/min) 20/24 30/36 50/60 100/120 135/162 200/240
Attainable vacuum (Pa) 9.3 6.7×10-2
Motor Single phase, 100V, 100W, 4P
Split phase starting
Single phase, 100-120V, 100W, 2P
Capacitor run
Single phase, 100V, 200W, 4P
Split phase starting
Single phase, 100V, 300W, 2P
Capacitor run
Single phase, 400W, 4P
Multiple-range motor
Single phase, 550W, 4P
Multiple-range motor
Total load current 3.7/3.0 1.85/1.89 5.6/4.8 5.5/6.3 6.8/5.8 (100V) 8.2/7.9 (100V)
Oil amount (mL) 230 370 650 1,000 1,100
Oil type SMR-100 R-2 SMR-100 R-2 SMR-100
Mass (kg) 8.5 9.3 13.9 22 29 31
Suction pipe diameter (mm) O.D.18×I.D.14 O.D.15 x I.D. 11 O.D.18×I.D.14 O.D.27×I.D.20
Operating atmospheric temp. range (deg.C) 7 to 40
Max. size (mm) 156(W) x 288(L) x 199.5(H) 120(W) x 288.5(L) x 163(H) 165.5(W) x 395(L) x 246.5(H) 150(W) x 413.5(L) x 234/5(H) 170(W) x 488(L) x 263(H) 170(W) x 516(L) x 263(H)

Optional items
Description Model No. Product Code Pump Model No.
Oil Mist Trap for Low level vacuum OMT-200A 242040 PD-139/204
Oil Mist Trap for Low level vacuum OMT-100A 242059 PQ-100
Oil Mist Trap for Low level vacuum OMT-050A 242058 PS-23, PQ-30, PD-53
Inline Trap OMI-100 242374 PQ-100
Inline Trap OMI-200 242375 PD-139/204
Forline Trap OFI-050C 200000 PD-53,PX-52,PQ-30
Forline Trap OFI-050V 200000 PD-53,PX-52,PQ-30
Forline Trap OFI-200C 200000 PQ-100, PD139/204, PX-137/202
Forline Trap OFI-200V 200000 PQ-100, PD139/204, PX-137/202
SUS flexible hose with NW25 flange 1.5mL Connection parts 212136 -
Clamp NW20/25 Connection parts 212137 -
Center ring NW20/25 Connection parts 212138 -
NW25 rubber tube adapter Connection parts 212139 -
Rubber tube adapter with NW25 SUS flange Connection parts 212140 -
Reducer Brass 30/18mm dia. A 242185 -
Reducer Brass 18/12mm dia. B 242186 -
Reducer SUS 18/30mm dia. C 221496 -
Reducer SUS 18-12mm dia. D 221497 -
Vacuum hose, rubber tube 2m, I.D. 9mm. Connection parts 281013 -
Vacuum hose, rubber tube 2m, I.D. 15mm. Connection parts 281014 -
Vacuum hose, rubber tube 2m, I.D. 25mm. Connection parts 281015 -
Oil Mist Separator (Corrosion-proof) OMC-200 242377 PX137/202
Oil Mist Separator (Corrosion-proof) OMC-050 242376 PX52

Oil Mist Trap (For Outlet) Inline Trap
Trap the oil mist of exhaust air during the operation and return it to the pumps oil reservoir. Pipe connection-type oil-mist trap. When the pipe is connected, the suction gas can be discharged into the exhaust duct.
Foreline Trap (For Intlet) Oil Mist Separator (For Outlet)
Prevent counter flow of oil diffusion into the vacuum hose (OFI-050C, 200C) and prevent particles into the vacuum pump. (OFI-050V, 200V) Corrosion-proof type. The main housing of this product is made of stainless steel and uses a filter element made of glass wool.

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