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Spray Dryer

* Easily grinds sample into fine powder with the spray drying system.

Model dedicated for water soluble sample
Model supporting water soluble and organic solvents* (*When organic solvent is used, a GAS410 type organic solvent recovery unit will be necessary.)

Evaporated water
Max. 1,300 mL/h
Temp. adjustment range
40 to 220deg.C
Sample flow
Variable up to 26 mL/min.
Spray nozzle (selectable)
For liquid/gas

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  • Because this product applies heat on fine grain sample instantly and does not apply high temperature on dry fine powder sample itself, samples unstable to heat can be reliably changed into even fine powder.
  • Prepared fine powder will not be oxidized and contains minimum water and is contamination-free.
  • Drying is made directly from solution or suspension liquid sample into fine powder, which does not need pre- or post processes such as filtration, separation, or pulverization necessary in the conventional drying method and can be used without concern of contamination during a series of operations.
  • Model ADL311S-A is available to support organic solvent by connecting ADL311-A dedicated for water soluble samples and GAS410 solvent recovery unit to the standard model ADL.
  • Employment of a one-touch detachable mechanism in the drying chamber and the cyclone further improves ease of operation.
  • An arm jack is equipped as standard for useful installation and removal of attachments.
  • A service outlet (max.2A) and a sample stand are equipped as standard for connecting a magnetic mixer for stirring suspended liquid sample.
  • Employment of a unique peristaltic pump, nozzle cooling mechanism, pulse jet mechanism, and a nozzle knocker realize stable spray drying.
  • Global product lineup with multi-language multiple power supply and touch panels in Japanese, English, and Chinese.

ADL-311S-A Installation Video

Product code 212737 212738
Model ADL311-A ADL311S-A
Supported samples Water soluble samples Water soluble and organic solvent
Performance Evaporated water amount Max. 1300 mL/h
Temp. adjusting unit setting range 40 to 220deg.C (inlet temperature), 0 to 60deg.C (outlet temperature)
Temperature adjusting accuracy Inlet temperature±1deg.C
Drying air amount adjusting range 0 to 0.7 m3/min
Spray air pressure adjusting range 0 to 0.3 MPa
Liquid sending pump flow rate range 0 to 26 mL/min
Configuration Spray air line washing function Spraying at the nozzle tip, manual pulse jet system
External output Inlet temperature, outlet temperature, temperature outlet (4-20 mA)
Temperature adjusting device PID digital temperature adjusting device
Touch panel Blower, heater, liquid sending pump, pulse jet switch, error display
Control select switch Inlet temperature, outlet temperature control switch (Outlet temp. control is conditional.)
Temperature sensor K-thermocouple
Heater 2.0 kW (at 200V) to 2.88 kW (at 240V)
Liquid sending pump Fixed amount peristaltic pump
Spraying air pump Spraying air compressor (sold separately) is used. Spraying air compressor (sold separately) is used.GAS410 integrated compressor is used when GAS410 is connected.
Service outlet For stirrer: AC100V, MAX2A
Suction blower Bypass blower
Filter Suction filter, exhaust filter
Recovery of solvent - Solvent recovery unit GAS410 (sold separately) is used.
Spray nozzle cooling mechanism Connector: nipple x 2, O.D.:φ10.5 mm
Spray air connection diameter Nipple diameter:φ7 mm
Spray air pressure Bourdon tube: 0.3 MPa
Exhaust connecting diameter φ50 mm
Safety function Inlet/outlet temperature overheat, sample feed reverse rotation mechanism, over current electric leakage breaker, nozzle connection error
Standards External size W580 x D420 x H1,125 mm
Weight 80 kg
Power supply (50/60 Hz) rated current AC200V 16A (20A)(AC220V 17A, AC240V 18A *Switching of terminals necessary)
Accessories Silicon tubes (with a stopper) x 3, exhaust duct (with one hose band) x 1, outlet temperature sensor, spray air tube, sample box, static electricity removal earth, "Tetron" braided tube hose 5m (with two hose bands)

Control panel *Example of installation
* *
ADL311S-A + GAS410 + stand with caster wheels (optional)

Piping Applications
  • Food and medicinal products Powder milk, egg york, soy sauce, coffee, starch, protein, hormone, serum, antibiotics, enzymes, fragrant materials, essences, etc.
  • Organic chemistry Wax, die, cleaning agent, surface acting agent, agricultural chemical, antiseptic agent, synthesized resin, pigments, etc.
  • Inorganic chemistry Ferrite, ceramics, photocopy toner, magnetic tape materials, photosensitive materials, various industrial chemicals, waste fluid of samples, etc.

System diagram
No. Part name No. Part name
(1) Heater (9) Blower
(2) Inlet temperature sensor (10) Solenoid valve
(3) Distributor (11) 3-way solenoid valve (ADL311S only)
(4) Drying chamber (12) Needle valve
(5) Cap (13) Pressure meter
(6) Outlet temperature sensor (14) Spray nozzle
(7) Cyclone (15) Liquid sending pump
(8) Product collecting container (16) Nozzle cooling mechanism connecting port

Spray nozzle
* The tip of the nozzle comprises of a nozzle for liquid and a nozzle for gas.
Product code Model Nozzle No. Size (μm)
281297 1A
(F)1650 A 406
B 1270
(A)64 C 1626
281298 1 (F)2050 A 508
B 1270
(A)64 C 1626
281290 2A (F)2050 A 508
B 1270
(A)70 C 1778
281291 2 (F)2850 A 711
B 1270
(A)70 C 1778
281292 3 (F)2850 A 711
B 1270
(A)64 C 1626

Example of installation (spray dryer ADL311-A)
Sample name Composition
Inlet temp.
Outlet temp.
Dry air amount
Spray air pressure
Sent amount of sample liquid
Sample recovery rate
Dextrin (solution) 10 150 80 0.4 0.1 6.1 66
Dextrin (emulsion) 40 150 80 0.4 0.1 5.1 63
Oxidized titanium (suspended liquid) 10 150 85 0.42 0.1 5.3 50
Soy sauce 50 130 75 0.36 0.1 5.1 60
Salt 10 145 85 0.38 0.1 5.3 52

*Repeatability of spray drying test (spray dryer ADL311-A)
Sample name Sample
Drying conditions Yield Recovery rate
Inlet temp.
Outlet temp.
Dry air
Spray air
Test sample
Sent amount of
sample liquid
Test time
(g) (%)
1 Coffee solution 5.00 150 75 0.45 0.15 93.1 3.1 30 4.3 92.4
2 Coffee solution 5.00 150 75 0.45 0.15 93 3.1 30 4 86
3 Coffee solution 5.00 150 75 0.45 0.15 91.4 2 30 4 87.5
4 Coffee solution 5.00 150 75 0.45 0.15 84.9 2.8 30 3.7 87.2
5 Coffee solution 5.00 150 75 0.45 0.15 83.8 2.8 30 3.7 88.3

Optional items
Product name Product code
* Caster stand 212783
Fine powder recovery cyclone 212780
Safety cover 212784
* Dry air flow meter (voltage system) 212793
* Inlet/outlet temperature recorder (3-dot) 212792
Static removal brush set 212788
Viton packing for cyclone inlet/outlet (1 set of 2 types) 212781
Teflon packing for cyclone inlet/outlet (1 set of 2 types) 212782
Regulator 212789
Supply air filter box (for 0.3 micro meter collection) 212790
1. The item marked " * " in the column of "Remark" shall be ordered together with the main unit.
2. The pressurizing unit for the unit shall be a unit with a pressure reducing valve of blow air amount of 25 L/min or more and be stable at a discharge pressure of 0 to 294 kPa (3 kg/cm2).
Recommended product: Hitachi silent air compressor SC-820 (pressure reducing valve included).
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