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Solvent Recovery Unit

* Highly safe N2 gas sealed circulation system is realized by connecting to a spray dryer unit.

This product is an organic solvent recovery system to be used to prevent discharging to outside, by using in combination with a spray dryer ADL311S-A or GB210-A when either of them uses an organic solvent.

Circulation wind amount
0.12 to 0.65 m3/min
Recovery capacity
1,300 mL/h or more

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  • By combination of a N2 gas sealed circulation system and a solvent recovery system with a freezer and capacitor, flammable or toxic solvent can be processed.
  • Drying of easily oxidized materials is possible.
  • This unit supports low temperature drying and available for drying of materials that easily deform with heat.
  • Spray drying and recovery of products and solvents are performed with a meticulously devised safety measures.

Product code 212774
Model GAS410
Solvent recovery system Capacitor + freezer
Performance Circulating gas N2 gas (sealed circulation when connected to ADL311S-A or GB210-A)
Circulating wind amount 0.12 to 0.65m3/min
Configuration Compressor (for spraying) Linear compressor integrated
Circulation blower Roots blower
Solvent recovery container 2L flask
Freezer Air-cooled condensation full-sealed type: 400W R404A
Solvent recovery mechanism Capacitor cooling mechanism
Filter Cartridge filter
Instruments Cooling trap temperature display monitor
Filter differential pressure meter (monitor for clogging of filter)
O2 density display monitor
Blower wind amount adjusting volume
O2 sensor Solid electrolyte (Zirconium) limit current type
Pump For circulation for O2 sensor
Safety unit O2 density meter, flammable gas alarm, electric leakage breaker, N2 gas forced introduction (when removing nozzles)
Standards External size W700 x D950 x H1,500 mm
Weight Approx. 130 kg
Power supply (50/60 Hz) rated current AC200 to 240V 5A (15A)
Required N2 amount 15 L/h at 0.1 MPa
Accessories Set of connection parts, anti-seismic clamps, interface cable, sample gas for gas alarm inspection, 2L flask

Control panel
* Major control functions and detection function

(1) Closed system (N2 gas sealed circulation type)
(2) O2 density control function
(3) Flammable gas detection function
(4) Inlet temperature overheat detection function
(5) Outlet temperature overheat detection function
(6) Other self diagnostics functions

* Detection of temperature sensor disconnection
* Overheat prevention
* Detection of absence of spray nozzle *When an abnormality occurs, the alarm will sound and power supply to the heater and sending of liquid will be stopped.

*Example of installation

Applicable fields
* * Non-oxide ceramics related fields
* Polymer material related fields
* Super conductivity material related fields
* Medicinal product related fields
* Food related fields

*System diagram
No. Part name No. Part name
(1) Capacitor A O ring
(2) Sensor B Packing
(3) Ball valve C Hose
(4) Clamp D Spray nozzle
(5) Recovery flask E Tube
(6) Filter element F Aluminum honeycomb
(7) Filter case G Cap
(8) Differential pressure meter H Pressure meter
(9) Flow meter (for introduction of N2) I Needle valve
(10) Compressor J 3-way valve
(11) Solenoid valve (for N2 control) K Solenoid valve
(12) Flow meter (for measuring O2 density) L Packing
(13) Filter    
(14) Pump
(15) O2 sensor
(16) Solenoid valve (for exhaust)
(17) Blower
(18) Solenoid valve (for introduction of N2)
(19) Solenoid valve (for air supply)

Rear of GAS410
ADL311S-A + GAS410 + stand with caster wheels

Optional items
Product name Product code
Filter element 0.1µ 212785
Viton packing for cyclone inlet/outlet (1 set of 2 types) 212781
Teflon packing for cyclone inlet/outlet (1 set of 2 types) 212782
* Dry air flow meter (differential pressure type) 212786
1. The item marked " * " in the column of "Remark" shall be ordered together with the main unit.
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