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201 301 501/511
Operating Temperature Range (Sterilization)
105deg.C to 123deg.C 105deg.C to 128deg.C
Max. Operational Pressure
0.18 MPa 0.2 MPa
Internal capacity
20L 32L 47L
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  • With an interactive key input system, the conditions are memorized.
    With a single key press, everything is done automatically from air exhausting to sterilization and dry.
  • Setting for hours and continuous operation are available.
  • Possible to sterilize media also.
  • Safety measures are enriched, including self-diagnosis function.

  ST201 ST301 ST501 ST511
System Automatic high pressure steam sterilizer
Temp. setting range: Sterilization 105 to 123deg.C 105 to 128deg.C
Maximum operational pressure 0.18MPa 0.2MPa
Interior Material Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel
Heater 1.3kW 1.7kW 1.7kW 2.0kW
Temp. controller PlD control by micro processor
Temp. setting method Digital setting by UP/DOWN key
Temp display method Digital display by green LED
Timer 1 min. to 99 Hrs. 59 min. and 100 Hrs. to 999 Hrs.
Min. division 1 min. or 1 Hrs.
Safe Device
Safety countermeasures Self diagnosis functions (Sensor, Heater, SSR, Main relay, Low water),
Over pressure safety valve, Electric leakage breaker
Effective internal dimensions(mm) 240(Dia.)×445(Depth) 300(Dia.)×445(Depth) 300(Dia.)×665(Depth) 300(Dia.)×665(Depth)
External dimensions(W×D×Hmm) 410×470×957 440×530×968 440×530×1,088 440×530×1,088
Effective (gross) capacity 20 (22) liters 32 (36) liters 47 (51) liters 47 (51) liters
Power source 50/60Hz AC100/220V,
single phase,
single phase,
single phase,
single phase,
Weight Approx. 60 kg Approx. 75 kg Approx. 80 kg Approx. 80 kg
  2 Racks (mesh pitch 8.5 mm), 1 Bottom plate, 1 Steam saucer and 1 Drain bottle.

* The performance shown here is the value under the condition of the ambient temperature of 23deg.C±5deg.C, humidity of 65%RH±20%.

* The projection is not included for Internal dimensions and External dimensions.

Control Panel Outline of Sterilization Process


Steam saucer


Dimensions (Unit:mm)

Optional Items
Product Code Model No. Description Corresponding models Internal dimensions
( Dia.xDepth, mm)
241087 OSM-60 Basket (mesh type, 8.5mm)  for ST201 209x204
241088 OSM-70 for ST301 266x204
241089 OSM-80 ST501/511 266x315
241085 OSQ-10 Basket (mesh type, 2.5mm)  for ST201 190x159
241086 OSQ-20 for ST301/501/511 250x201*
(* Settable 2 pcs for ST301 and 3 pcs. For ST501/511)
241093 OSQ-30 Basket (mesh type) with stacking fitting  for ST201  168x162 (2 pcs./set)
241092 OSQ-40 for ST301  246x162 (2 pcs./set)
241091 OSQ-50 for ST501/511  246x162 (3 pcs/set)
241096 OSQ-60 Basket (mesh type) with a mesh shelf  for ST201 200x390 (with mesh shelf)
241095 OSQ-70 for ST301 260x390 (with mesh shelf)
241094 OSQ-80 for ST501/511 200x590 (with mesh shelf)
241083 OSR-10 Stainless solid basket  for ST201  210x200
241084 OSR-20 for ST301/501/511  270x200
241076 OSM-50 Temp. sensor in vessel    
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