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Laboratory Stirrer

  • Low Noise and Maintenance-free
  • Loaded with Digital Revolution Meter and Torque Monitor
  • Direct-drive Motor can reduce the noise and doesn’t require the maintenance for gear.
  • Revolution Feed-back Control Function can maintain the setting rate despite the change of load (Suitable especially for high viscosity solution).
500A 500B
Revolution (rpm)
34 to 340 100 to 1,000
Max. Torque
1.96/20N・m/kg-cm 0.98/10N・m/kg-cm 100

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Model LR500A LR500B
Stirring Range (rpm) 34 to 340 100 to 1,000
Max. Torque 1.96/20N・m/kg-cm 0.98/10N・m/kg-cm
Stirring/Torque Display Digital, 3-digit / Green LED, 2 Steps + Overload Display
Motor Brushless DC Motor, 70W
Stirring Control Speed Feed-back Control
Safety Function Stop at Overloading
Stirring Function / Shaft dia. Gearless Direct Drive Type / 10mm dia.
Power AC100V, 50/60Hz, 3A AC100V, 50/60Hz, 3.5A
Accessory Stirring Bar 10mm dia. x 500mm + Propeller (75mm dia.) x 1 set, Clamp x 1pc. 
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