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Stirrers, Laboratory
LT400/500 Series

400A 400B 500A 500B
400C 400D
Viscosity for Material
High Medium High Medium
Med-Low Low
Speed Range(rpm)
10 to 300 15 to 600 15 to 600 25 to 1200
25 to 1200 60 to 3000
Max. Torque (N・m)
0.9 0.5 1.0 0.6
0.3 0.1

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With Yamato stirrers, there is no loss of rotation speed as viscosity builds. Unlike conventional stirrers, the powerful DC brushless motor and feedback control circuit of the laboratory stirrers maintain constant speed from no load up to a maximum torque. Powerful digital stirrers handles 10 to 1200 rpm.
  • 6 models to meet your laboratory's specific needs
  • Constant speed regardless of torque
  • Rotation speed is easily adjusted
  • LED indicator shows the accurate speed
  • PID controlled mechanical stirrer with best safety and performance features
  • Care-free and sparkless motor (brushless)


  • Automatic safety shut-down that prevents motor burn-out

  • Current overload prevention mechanism

  • Motor thermal-overload cut-off

  • Protective cover on drill chuck

  LT400A LT400B LT400C LT400D LT500A LT500B
Material High Medium Medium-Low Low High Medium
Revolving speed range 10 to 300rpm 15 to 600rpm 25 to 1200rpm 60 to 3000rpm 15 to 600rpm 25 to 1200rpm
Max. torque (N•m / kg-cm) 0.9/9.0 0.5/5.0 0.3/3.0 0.1/1.0 1.0/10.0 0.6/6.0
Motor (DC brushless motor) 30W 70W
Chuck ø8 mm drill chuck
Speed control Feedback control
Display panel Digital speed display, Overload display, Torque indicator (20% gradation)
Safe Device
Safety mechanism Current-restraining circuitry, Thermal overload cut-off, Drill chuck protector
External dimensions(W×D×Hmm) 146×154×165
Power source AC 100 to 125V 50/60Hz, single phase
Weight Approx. 2.4kg
Clamp 1 set
Optional Accessories
LT Auxiliary stirrer/LT Vacuum adapter/Extra long stirrer shaft/Four-blade propeller/Folding propeller/ Turbine propeller/Two-stage turbine propeller/Two-bladed propeller/Glass two-blade propeller

Control panel

Optional items
LT Option-1
Four-bladed propellers for regular use
LT Option-2
Turbine propellers for deep containers
LT Option-3
Propeller for narrow mouth bottle
LT Option-5
Glass propeller with shaft
(Material : Hard glass)
LT Option-7
Metal fitting for water bath
LT Option-8
Stirring shaft (Material : SUS316)
LT Option-4
Turbine propeller for multiple-stage
LT Option-6
Two-bladed propellers
LT Option-9
Adapter for decompression stirrer
LT Option-10
Auxiliary stirrer
LT Option-11
Y-shaped stand
Adapter for decompression stirrer
Material Fluorocarbon resin and nitrite rubber
Working stirring shaft 10 mm dia.
Ultimate vacuum 6.7 Pa (5×10-2 Torr)
Accessories Nitrite rubber seal, 2 pcs.
Auxiliary stirrer
Working stirring shaft 8 mm dia.
Distance of stirring shaft 135 mm
Belt O-ring
Accessories Hexagon wrench key, 2 pcs.
Chuck handle, 1 pc.
Clamp, 1 pc.
Belt, 1 pc.
Pulley, 1 pc.
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