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Magnetic Stirrer

  • MC801:
    - With Three Rotative Direction (Counterclockwise, Reverse, Clockwise)
    - Strong Stirring with little Temps. Increasing
  • MF820:
    - Efficient Stirring by the Stronger Magnetic Power
MC801 MF820
App. 80 to 1,800 rpm App. 80 to 1,500 rpm
Stirring Capacity
100 to 10,000ml 100 to 20,000ml

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Model MC801 MF820
Stirring Stage Material Stainless Steel
Stirring Stage Size W272 x D270mm
Stirring Capacity 100 to 10,000ml 100 to 20,000ml
Revolution Approx. 80 to 1,800 rpm Approx. 80 to 1,500 rpm
Motor DC Motor Electronic Control
Rotative direction of motor (CCW-Counterclockwise direction),
Reverse Stirring, (CW-Clockwise direction)
Timer Adjustable Reverse Stirring Time in between 10 to 120sec. N/A
Power AC100V, 50/60Hz, 1A
External Dimensions W278 x D286 x H81mm W276 x D295 x H80mm
Weight Approx. 3.6kg Approx. 3.8kg
Accessory Stirring Bar 30mm and 40mm, 1pc. each Stirring Bar 40mm 1pc.

*Stirable even on a Thick Catalogue *Optional Item

*Glassware in the picture are not included in the Optional Item.
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