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Laboratory Washer

  • Easy Semi-Automatic Type by turning the Switch ON after Timer Setting.
  • Powerful Pressurized Water Jet from 2 directions (Top and Bottom) and from Rotating Nozzles. Detergent Washing is also available.
  • Loaded with heater to make washing water hot. No boiler piping works and water heating facilities are required.
  • Easy exchanging with Jet Rack (Option) for the stronger washing.
Washing Time (Each Process)
0 to 60min. Settable
Washing Water Temp.
Room Temp. to 60deg.C

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Model AW47
Washing Type Tow Direction, Top and Bottom, Pressurized Water Jet Type, Rotating Jet Nozzle
(Exchangeable to Jet Rack)
Washing Water Temp. Room Temp. to 60deg.C
Hot Water Supply System Heater Heat-up (Built-in: 1kW)
Supplying Water Pressure 0.1 to 0.3Mpa
Container Stand Table (Standard), (Racks are Option)
Water Supplying System Electromagnetic Valve Open/Close
Water Drain Type Natural Drainage by Level Gap
Exterior Chrome-free Electric Galvanized Steel Plate, Chemical-proof Paint
Interior Stainless Steel
External Dimensions W450 x D490 x H875mm
Inner Dimensions W420 x D450 x H570mm
Spinning Table Φ420mm
Pump AC100V, 50/60Hz, 200W
Door Up/Down, Open/Close Type
Weight Approx. 43kg
Power Single-phase, AC100V, 50/60Hz, 150A
Supply Hose (with Coupler) 2m, 1pc.
Drain Hose I.D. 25.4mm, 2m, 1pc.
Vinyl Cover, 1pc.
Amorphous Phosphorus Detergent 1kg
Water Supply Port Unit 1 set

Control panel *Dimensions (mm)
AW47 Control Panel AW47 Dimensions

Optional items
Jet Rack 36pcs. Settable in case of 100ml Volumetric Flask
Test Tube Rack Approx. 450pcs. settable in case of Φ18.5mm Test Tube
Amorphous Phosphorus Detergent 8kg
Jet Rack
Jet Rack
Test Tube Rack
Test Tube Rack
Amorphous Phosphorus Detergent
Amorphous Phosphorus Detergentt
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