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Laboratory Washer

  • Two Washing Chambers
  • Selectable Three Washing Patterns
  • Jet Rack (Option) can remove the dirt of containers more easily
  • Fixing Type Rack and Spinning Type Jet Nozzle can avoid the brakeage of containers
  • Available Hot Water Washing by Built-in Heater
  • Liquid Detergent is automatically supplied from Detergent Container (Powder Detergent also available by adding powder in each time)
Washing Time (Each Process)
1 to 99min. Setting
Washing Water Temp.
Supplied Temp. to 80deg.C

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Model AW83
Washing Compartment Two Washing Chambers
Pressure Water Jet from Two Directions; Top and Bottom, Jet Nozzle Spinning
Fixed Rack (Changeable to Batch Type Jet Rack)
Washing Pattern Selectable Three Washing Patterns※Final Rinse is Option
1. Pre-washing à Washing à Rinse à Final Rinse*
2. Washing à Rinse à Final Rinse*
3. Rinse à Final Rinse*
Washing Time Pre-washing, Washing, Rinse: Settable 1 to 99min.
Rinse: Settable up to 5 times by Batch System
Final Rinse (To connect with Pure Water Supplying System):
Rinse by Pure Water 50L, Settable up to 5 times, Start to wash after reaching to the Set Water Level, Timer Count starts after reaching to the setting Temp.
Supplying Water Temp. Room Temp. to 80deg.C
Washing Water Temp. Supplied Temp. to 80deg.C
Same Water Temp. for Pre-washing and Washing, No Water Heat-up for Rinse and Final Rinse
Liquid Detergent Supplying Type Automatic Supply by Pump (Adjustable Supply Amount)
Liquid Detergent Tank Capacity 2L
Required Water Amount Approx. 28L for each Pre-wash, Wash and Rinse
Hot Water Supply System Heater (Built-in: 6kW) Heat-up or connection to Primary Hot Water Supply
Container Stand Shelf Board 2pcs. (Standard)
Water Supplying System Electromagnetic Valve Open/Close, Water Flow amount is fixed by flow Switch
Water Drain System Forced Drain by Pump
Power Three-phase, AC200V, 50/60Hz, 30A
Exterior Steel Plate, Melamine Resin Paint
Interior Stainless Steel
External Dimensions W860 x D770 x H1,795mm
Inner Bath Dimensions W600 x D630 x H1,080mm
Pump Washing Pump: Three-phase, AC200V, 50/60Hz, 355W/560W
Drain Pump: Single-phase, AC200V, 45W
Shelf Board 550 x 550mm, Max. Load 245N (25kg)
Weight Approx. 220kg
Supply Hose I.D.18mm, 2m x 1pc
Drain Hose (with Coupler) 2m x 1pc
Detergent (Amorphous Phosphorus) 1kg
Measuring Spoon (for 50ml) 1pc
Test Tube Rack Support 1pc
Hose Clamp 1pc.,

*Control panel *Jet Nozzle
AW83 Control Panel AW83 Jet Nozzle

Sequence/Time Chart
AW83 Sequence/Time Chart

*Dimensional drawing (mm)
AW83 Dimensions

Optional items
Pure Water Supplier O.D. W420 x D600 x H1,065mm
Electric Power For Pump: 355W/560W (50/60Hz)
Pure Water Tank Capacity: 50L
Ion Exchange: Mixed Bed Type, Resin Amount 10L
Cartridge: Collectable Water Amount 1,500L, Warning Lamp ON after 30times Final Rinse
Jet Rack 44pcs. Settable in case of 100ml Volumetric Flask
Beaker Rack Approx. 85pcs. settable in case of 50ml Beaker
Test Tube Rack Approx. 600ps. settable in case of Φ16.5mm Test Tube
Test Tube Rack Support Approx. 68pcs. settable in case of 50ml Flask
Flask Rack To be ordered together with AW83
Port Position Change for Supply and Drain from Right to Left Side
Amorphous Phosphorus Detergent 8kg
AW62 Beaker Rack
Beaker Rack
AW83 Jet Rack
Jet Rack
AW62 Test Tube Rack
Test Tube Rack
AW62 Flask Rack
Flask Rack
Amorphous Phosphorus Detergent
Amorphous Phosphorus Detergentt
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