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Water Purifiers

High-capacity type to supply highly pure water with a single motion.
The supplying water, Ion exchange water and Distilled water to the storage tank are automatically controled.

511 711
Water Purification Method
Ion exchange --> Distillation
Ion exchange --> Filtration
Purified Water
Ion exchange water / Distilled water
Distilled Water production
5.0 L/h 10 L/h
Collection Water
Ion exchange water
1.4 L/min
Ion exchange water
2.8 L/min
Distilled water
1 to 2 L/min (50 Hz)
1.5 to 2.5 L/min (60 Hz)

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  • For production of large amounts of distilled water and deionized water.
  • Digital water quality display, Collection water with a single touch of button.
  • lt is easy to replace the ion-exchange resin cartridge.
  • UV lamp for sterilization is available as the optional.

Model WG511 WG711
Water purification method Pretreatment → Ion-exchange → Distillation → Filtration
Purified water Distilled water, Deionized water
Distilled water production Approx. 5 L/Hr. Approx. 10 L/Hr.
Collection of
Distilled water
Approx. 1 to 2. (50Hz)  1.5 to 2.5 L/min. (60Hz)
 Collection of
Ion exchange water
Approx. 1.4 L/min. Approx. 2.8 L/min
Condenser Hard Glass
Heater Ceramic heater, 2 pcs. Ceramic heater, 4 pcs.
Distilled water
storage tank
Polyethylene made, 100 L
Raw water filter Pre-treatment cartridge (activated carbon + hollow fiber membrane, 0.1μm)
Pure water filter Membrane filter (hollow fiber membrane, 0.1μm)
Ion-exchanger One-touch connecting type large cartridge (mixed floor type, 10 L)
Distilled water tank
level display
Display on LED in 5 steps
Range of collection
0.1 to 85 L (0.1 L/step)
Water pump Magnet pump 20W
Raw water pressure range 0.10MPa~0.50MPa 0.15MPa~0.50MPa
Power source 50/60Hz AC200V, single phase AC200V , single phase
21A (30A) 42A (50A)
External dimensions
W800×D685×H1510 W870×D685×H1510
Weight Approx. 130kg Approx. 140kg
  Water supply hose -- 2m×1 pc. (with connecting unit),
Drain hose -- 3m×1 pc. (with hose clamp)
Pre-treatment cartridge -- 1 pc. Ion-exchange resin -- 1 pc. Membrane filter-- 2 pcs.

Structure *System Diagram
*Inner View

Industrial standard JISK 0557 (at water temperature: 20 deg.C)
Item WG511/711 WG511 WG711
Exchanged water Distilled water
Measured value Measured value
Electric conductivity(mS/m) 0.0056 0.084 0.066
Organic carbon (TOC) (mg/L) 0.02 0.015 0.014
Zinc (µ Zn/L) <0.1 <0.1 <0.1
Silica (µ SiO2/L) <1.0 1.2 2
Chloride Ion (µCL-/L) <0.5 <0.2 <0.5
Sulfuric acid Ion (µ SO4-/L) <0.5 <0.2 <0.5
Water Level JIS A4

Optional items & Consumable items
Description Option Model Main Unit
Model No.
Product Code
Product water intake hose unit with a 0.1 μm membrane filter OWF10 WG511/WG711 253208
Water Supply Unit OWH10 WG511/WG711 253686
Raw water pressure reduction valve OWG42 WG511/WG711 253769
Connection unit G (WL100+WG Series) G WG511/WG711 253668
Drain water trap OWI41 WG711 253223
UV sterilizing lamp OWG66 WG511/WG711 253226
High Purity Cartridge (CPC-H) Connection Unit OWG62 WG511/WG711 253781
External Alarm Output  OWG64 WG511/WG711 253225
Membrane filter MFRL730 WG511/WG711 9020010006
UV lamp for sterilization OWG28 WG511/WG711 253773
Ion exchanger SPC-10 WG511/WG711 9110010004
High purity cartridge  CPC-H WG511/WG711 CPCNS30011
Pretreatment cartridge PWF-1 WG511/WG711 253099
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