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AUTOSTILL High-performance models conforming with High purity water

WGH200 produces High purity water (Resistivity 18Ω or more, Level JIS A4/ASTM D1193 Type1) continuously of both Deionized and Distilled water kept in a 30L storage tank.

Purified Water
Ion exchange water / Distilled water
Production of distilled water
Collection Water
Distilled water: 0.9 L/min
Ion exchange water: 1 L/min
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  • High purity water (Resistivity 18Ω or more, Level JIS A4/ASTM D1193 Type1) integrated system with Sterilizing UV lamp, Pretreatment cartridge, Ion exchange resin cartridge, High purity cartridge , Membrane filter and Distilled water circulation system.
  • Easy-to-use tray for product water intake (with drainage).
  • Multifunctional control and display panel.
  • Feed and drain can be connected on both sides and install anywhere.
  • Easy maintenance as most consumables can be easily attached and detached.

Product code 253136
Model WGH200
Treatment process Distillation Pretreatment -> Ion exchange -> Distillation  -> Tank ->
UV sterilizing -> Ion exchange  -> High purity -> Filtration
Deionized Pretreatment -> Ion exchange -> Filtration
Raw water feeding Connection to a tap water faucet with a one-touch coupler
(with a sluice valve)
Waste water discharging Drain water connector on both sides for the connection of a drain hose
Product water Deionized water, High purity distilled water and Distilled water
Production of distilled water Approx. 1.8L/hr.
Collection of distilled water Approx. 0.9L/min.
Collection of deionized water Approx. 1L/min.
Range of production 0.1 - 26L/continuous production
Composition Condenser Hard glass
Heater Ceramic heater 1.4 kW
Pretreatment cartridge 0.1µm diameter hollow fiber + activated carbon
Ion-exchange resin cartridge Ion-exchange (CPC-S) 4L × 1, High purity (CPC-H) 3L × 1 
Final filter of distilled/deionized water 0.1 µm membrane filter × 2
Leakage detection Water leakage activates a leak sensor, which forcefully
shuts down the feed water solenoid valve.
Distilled water storage tank 30L polyethylene tank
TOC reducing UV sterilizing lamp for Distilled water 
Product water intake tray Drawer type, load capacity 10 kg
Level sensor Five-step reed switch
Specification Raw water feed pressure 0.5-5 × 100 kPa (0.5-5 kgf/cm2)
Power supply 100V AC , 15A
External dimension*1/weight 600 mmW×660 mmD×775 mmH, Approx. 75 kg
and settings
Level indications LED
Quality indication Digital indication (Conductivity or Resistivity)
Other indications Replacement consumable parts (Pretreatment cartridge, Ion exchange resin cartridge, High purity cartridge, Membrane filter, UV lamp), Error message, alarm message, History of consumable part replacements (up to 20 times for each consumable part), History of error messages, default Language in Japanese or English, Requirement of maintenance
Accessories Feed/Drain water hose, Pretreatment cartridge, Ion exchange resin cartridge, High purity cartridge , Membrane filter, TOC reducing UV sterilizing lamp

Power plug is not provided.
* 1 External dimensions excluding protrusions

1. Easy-to-use tray for product water intake (with drainage) 2. Multifunctional control and display panel

* The tray for product water intake place is equipped with original drainage system, which has eliminated the concerns about the discharge of overflowing water.

* Operation status are displayed and the language can be chose either Japanese or English.
* The panel tells you when to replace each filter, which is required to maintain the quality of pure water, by either showing prompts in the display panel.
3. Install anywhere 4. Easy maintenance

* Feed/drain water connectors can be selected from both sides, ready to be installed anywhere. With a rear, flat casing panel the system can be positioned against the wall, leaving no dead space.

* Most consumable parts, including the Ion exchange resin cartridge, High purity cartridge, Pretreatment cartridge can be easily attached and detached, facilitating maintenance work.

Water quality standard
Description Measurements
JIS K0557 A4 ASTM D1193 Type1 WGH200
Deionized water Distilled water
Conductivity (mS/m) at 25℃ 0.1 or less 0.00555 or less 0.0055 < 0.00555
Total organic carbon (TOC)(mg/L) 0.05 or less 0.05 or less 4 0.02
Zinc (µg Zn/L) 0.1 or less - < 0.01 < 0.1
Silica (µg SiO2/L) 2.5 or less - < 1.0 < 0.1
Total silica (µg SiO2/L) - 3 or less - 0.21
Chloride ion (µg Cl-/L) 1 or less 1 or less < 0.1 < 0.1
Sulfate ion (μg H2SO4/L) 1 or less - < 0.1 < 0.1
Natrium (μg Na/L) - 1 or less - < 0.1
Total level     A4 A4

Raw water: Tap water of Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan Above measurements vary, depending on the quality of raw water.

Optional accessories and consumables
Description Option Model Item Code
Cart AS250 253174
Product water intake hose unit with a 0.1 μm membrane filter OWG24 253204
Water supply unit OWH10 253686
Raw water pressure reduction valve OWG42 253769
Connection unit (WL100+WG Series) G 253668
Drain water trap OWI10 253211
Water sampling stand OWL40 253266
External alarm output terminal OWG60 262780
Membrane filter (2pcs/set) MFRL727 9020010004
Ion exchange resin cartridge  CPC-S 253080
High purity cartridge CPC-H CPCNS30011
Pretreatment cartridge PWF-1 253099
Air vent filter for storage tank AVF-1 9020020001
TOC measurement UV lamp OWG28 253773
Pretreatment cartridge (PWF-1)
Membrane filter (MFRL727)
Ion-exchange resin cartridge (CPC-S)
High purity cartridge (CPC-H)
Water Supply Unit (OWH10)
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