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Water Purifier

This sets isWL100+Filter Stand (1)+Filter Housing Unit (2)+Active Carbon Filter+Membrane
Collection Type
Ion Exchange Type
Collection Pure Water
Ion Exchange Water

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  • Simply Collectable Large Amount of Ion Exchange Water only by connecting to Tap Water
  • Built-in Voltage Circuit in Water Quality Meter can check Water Quality immediately.
  • Polyethylene made Cartridge for lesser contamination
  • No AC Power is required, and Economical Price
  • Easy Maintenance

Model WL100
Collection Type Ion Exchange Type
Collection Pure Water Ion Exchange Water
Production Amount Below 2 to 5L/min.
Ion Exchanger Cartridge Type (Mixed Bed Type, Resin Amount 10L)
Water Quality Meter 0 to 10 x 10-4S/m (0 to 10μs/cm) (Analogue Display)
Power (for Water Quality Meter) Dry Cell Battery, DC9V
External Dimensions Φ180 x H820mm (Not Including Coupler and Stand)
Weight (at Operating) Approx. 18kg

System Example

*Optional items
Remark Description Model No. Product Code
  Connection unit A WL100/21P 253677
  Connection unit B WL100+Filter Housing Unit 253678
  Water supply port unit OWH10 WL21/21P, WE21, RO21/81 253686
  High purity ion exchange cartridge ICR-1 WE21,WL21/21P* *required 2 pcs. 000813
Stand for AS32A WL21P 253673
Stand for AS32B WL21P 253674
Stand for AS31A WL21 253671
Stand for AS31A WL21 253672
  Filter stand WL100 253676
  Filter housing unit WL100 253675
  Pretreatment cartridge PWF-1 WL300 253099
  Ion exchange resin cartridge CPC-L WL300 253253
  Activated Carbon filter YAC-250 WL21/21P 9020026002
  Ion exchange resin cartridge ICR-2 WL21/21P/WE21 000811
  Ion exchange resin cartridge ICR-2, regeneration charge WL21/21P/WE21 000812
  Ion exchanger, IE bomb WL100 000821
  Ion exchanger, IE bomb, regeneration charge WL100 000822
  Membrane filter PSECG20SSIAW1 WL21/21P/WE21 9020010007
The transportation cost will not be required if the order is together with main unit except the item marked "○".
In case you order the item marked "○" together with the main unit, please ask Yamato to obtain the correct transportation cost.
Connection Unit G (WL100+WG262)
Filter Stand + Filter Housing Unit
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