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Water Purifiers

WL200 WL220/220T
Collection Type
Ion Exchange
Collection Pure Water
Ion Exchange Water

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  • Economical Price, Space Saving and Desk-Top Type
  • Digital Display for Easy Operation
  • Water Quality: JIS K 0557, A3, Suitable for Microanalysis
  • Display and Alarm for Replacement Time of Consumables
  • Collect the ion exchanged water easily just connect to the faucet.
  • Membrane filter is equipped
  • The leakage water is prevented by solenoid valve

Model WL200 WL220 WL220T
Collection Type Ion Exchange
Water supply method One touch coupler water connection resin hose
Collection Pure Water Ion Exchange Water, A3 Level
Collection Amount Approx. 1.0L/min. (Continuous Collection)
Ion Exchange Resin Cartridge 2L Ion Exchange Resin with Activated Carbon (CPC-P) x 1 pc. 2L Ion Exchange Resin with Activated Carbon (CPC-P) x 1pc. , 2L Ion Exchange Resin (CPC-E) x 1pc.
Final Filtration Membrane Filter (0.1μm)
Pure Water Tank for Supply Water N/A 3L Polyethylene Tank
Water Leakage Detection Solenoid valve for supply water is cut off automatically by detecting the leakage
Raw water pressure range 0.5 - 5 x 100kPa ( 0.5 - 5kgf/cm2)
Water collection port RC1/4 (connect to membrane filter) ø9 nipple
Safety Function Water Leakage Detector, Pressure Regulator, Abnormal Water Quality Alarm 
External Dimensions Approx. W350 x D350 x H450mm
Power AC100 to 240V, 0.05A - 0.2A ( breaker 3A)
Weight Approx. 14kg Approx. 16kg Approx. 17kg
Water quality display 7 segment LED Display
Others comsumables replacement display, alarm display (water leakage warning)
Raw water supply hose, power cord (2m), Ion exchange resin CPC-P (for WL200 only), Ion exchange resin CPC-P + CPC-E (WL220/WL220T), membrain filter(WL200/220), water supply hose 4m(WL220T) with Y-strainer, constant temperature and humidity chamber connecting hose Φ9 x Φ13 3m(WL220T), hook (WL220T), seal tape.

*Water Supply Pressure should be 0.5 -5 x 100kPa (0.5 -5kg/cm2)

System diagram
*CPC-E only WL220


Water qualify analysis/ Industrial standard JISK 0557
Item JIS K 0557 WL200  WL220 
A3 standard Measured value type Measured value type
Electric conductivity(mS/m) Less than 0.1 0.0055 A4 0.0055 A4
Organic carbon (TOC) (µgC/L) Less than 200 19.6 A4 19 A4
Zinc (µZn/L) Less than 0.1 <0.1 A4 <0.1 A4
Silica (µSiO2/L) Less than 5.0 <3 A3 <3 A3
Chloride Ion (µCL-/L) Less than 1 <0.5 A4 <0.5 A4
Sulfuric acid Ion (µSO42-/L) Less than 1 <1.0 A4 <1.0 A4
Total level A3  A3 
Control panel Water Supply Unit
* *
Structure (WL220) Structure (WL220T)
* *
Membrane Filter Ion Exchange Cartridg
* *

Optional items
Product name Code Type
Water supply port unit OWH10  253686 WL200/220/220T
Pressure reducing valve for raw water OWG42  253769 WL200/220/220T
CPC-E connection set (included CPC-E) OWL36  253261 WL200
Pretreatment cartridge connection set OWL38  253267 WL200/220
Water collection stand (with connection set) OWL40  253266 WL200/220
External alarm  output terminal OWL42  253268 WL200/220/220T
Water sampling remote OWL44  253269 WL200/220
Foot switch OWL46 253270 WL200/220
Input terminal for water sampling remote OWL48  253269 WL220T
Installation bat OWL50 253271 WL220T
Ion exchange cartridge CPC-P 253254  
Ion exchange cartridge CPC-P + CPC-E 253262  
Power cord (4m) OWL52 253273 WL200/220
Membrain filter (2 pcs) 9020010004  
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