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Water Purifiers Pure Water, Labo Cube Series
Labo Cube

The product is a pure water producing unit for washing, which may be used by installing in a draft chamber or a sink, or on a table.

Water obtaining system
Ion exchange system
Obtained pure water
Ion exchanged water
Specific resistance
10 or more
Water quality level

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  • The product is ideal for washing. By installing this under a draft chamber or a sink to perform washing with ion exchange water easily.
  • Equipped with a preprocess filter and the ion exchange resin replacement indication function.
  • Also equipped with a water leak detection function that stops water supply in case water leak occurs, or a safety function with an electric leakage breaker.
  • High-performance models conforming with JIS K 0557 A4.
  • Membrane filter is equipped.

Model WL320A WL320B
Type Desktop type Built-in type
Water obtaining system Ion exchange
Water supply system One touch couple water supply resin hose 
Quality of obtained water A4 ion exchange water 
Obtained amount and system of ion exchange water Approx. 1L/min Continuous obtaining of water
Pretreatment cartridge 0.1 um hollow fiber filter with activated charcoal (PWF-1)
Ion exchange resin cartridge Ion exchange cartridge (CPC-N)
Water leakage detection Water supply solenoid valve is forced to shut off when water leakage is detected
Ion exchange water obtaining port Water sampling stand
Water quality display 7-segment LED display (electric conductivity/specific resistance)
Other displays Consumables replacement display (pretreatment cartridge,
ion exchange resin cartridge, membrane filter), Alarm display (water leak alarm)
Legs Rubber legs Caster
Raw water pressure range 0.5 to 5 x 100 kPa (0.5 to 5 kgf/cm2)
Power source AC 100V - 240V Less than 0.2A (breaker 3A)
External dimensions*/weight 400 x 320 x 600 mm (W/D/H) / Main unit app. 30 kg, Water sampling stand app. 5 kg
Accessories Water supply hose, pretreatment cartridge & ion exchange resin cartridge CPC-N, membrane filter, water sampling stand, pure water hose for obtaining water 

* External dimensions do not include protrusions.
A water faucet is necessary for installing this unit.

The following set of units is necessary when the unit is installed in a fume hood or a sink.
Application Set
Installation WL320 + draft chamber/sink installation kit + foot switch

Optional Items and consumables
Description Product code
Fume Hood / Sink installation kit OWL60 253277
Water supply port unit OWH10 253686
Pretreatment cartridge PWF-1 253099
Ion exchange resin cartridge CPC-N CPCN30010
Membrane filter (2pcs set) MFRL727 9020010004
Remote water sampling function (without foot switch)  OWL58 253276
Remote water sampling function (with foot switch) OWL58 253275

Control panel Installation example
* *
Pretreatment cartridge/
 Ion exchange resin cartridge

*System diagram

*Ion exchange resin life test (resistivity)

Dimensional drawing (mm) *Inner structure
* *

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