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Water Purifiers

The WS200 and 220 models are simple and low cost water purifiers especially for producing distilled water.

Water Purification Method
Purified Water
Distilled water
Distilled Water Capacity
1.8 L/h
Collection Water
Distilled water 2.2 L/min

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  • The models are compact and take up little space.
  • They feature a splash-prevention design to stop water from splashing and mixing with the distilled water during the boiling process. This results in stable water quality.
  • The units boast a high degree of safety with the incorporation of such features as an extremely reliable device to prevent empty burning and a circuit breaker.

  WS200 WS220
Water purification method Distilling method
Purified water Distilled water
Distilled water capacity Approx. 1.8 liter/Hr.
Collection of Distilled water Approx. 2.2 liter/min.
Boiler Stainless steel Super hard glass
Condenser Super hard glass Super hard glass
Heater Pipe heater Set in quartz glass integument pipe
Distilled water storage tank Polyethylene made, 20 L
Attached device
  Auto adjustment of cooling water volume, Prevention of baking heater with no load, Earth leakage breaker
Supplied water pressure range 0.5 to 5 x 100kPa (0.5 to 5kg/cm2)
Power source 50/60Hz 100/220V, single phase, 15/6.9A
External dimensions(W×D×Hmm) 500×400×974
Weight Approx. 38 kg
Water supply hose 2m x 1 pc. (with connecting unit)
Drain hose 2m x 1 pc. (14mm I.D. with hose band)

System Diagram

Optional items
Remark Description Model No. Product Code
Stand AS22 WS200/220 253176
  Supply Water Unit OWH10 WS200/220, WG35/510/710/730, WA200/500/570/710/730 253686
  Drain Trap OWI10 WS200/220, WA200 253211
The transportation cost will not be required if the order is together with main unit except the item marked "○".
In case you order the item marked "○" together with the main unit, please ask Yamato to obtain the correct transportation cost.
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